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'Big Little Lies': What Makes The HBO Mystery So Addictive?

20 March 2017

Through five episodes, Big Little Lies has taken its premise of warring power-mommies in a posh community and splintered it out into topics that matter: censorship, social status, parenting and more. The solo session was the most powerful scene of the series so far, and it's also Kidman's ticket to an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries. The sex she has in the kitchen with Perry during the day is intense, sexy, and troubling. The therapist is one of those of ideal cinematic quality (see also: Judd Hirsch in Ordinary People), but anyone less wouldn't be able to pull out of Celeste what no amount of makeup can cover.

The episode will break open more boxes of secrets as the episode. We know that a fight is brewing between Perry and Celeste; we see its beginning. Dr. Reisman tells her that she's picked up on the fact that Perry hurts her, but Celeste insists that they both get overly angry and she's partially to blame. "I love my grudges", she happily admits, "I tend to them like little pets".

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I'm all caught up and now am back to having to wait an entire week to see what happens next.

Joseph Bachman drives Madeline to a parking lot to talk to her.

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Many domestic-violence dramas follow a specific pattern, like Jennifer Lopez becoming a warrior in Enough, Julia Roberts escaping her OCD abuser in Sleeping With The Enemy. The twins adore Perry, and he's been shown choking Celeste multiple times - so it seems like the abuse has already had a deep impact not just on the couple's children, but on at least one classmate as well. Even when she slips into her native Australian accent at brief moments, the acting is too impressive for us to care. This makes Madeline feel worse over what she did to him. Even still, she's not ready to leave him yet. But I can't help thinking of women who may be watching this, and unfortunately, painfully, recognizing some aspect of their own relationship, realizing that they're not alone. It's not just great television: It's great, period. Like Celeste, she also feels powerless, although she's trying to get control of her feelings, keeping her affections away from Joseph and toward Ed. Their attempted tryst in the kitchen captures how hard it is to maintain passion in a marriage, and how much easier it is to do in an affair. Ed (Adam Scott) might suspect something, but he hasn't confronted Madeline about it yet. On the other hand, Jane will be headed out to meet her rapist with a fully-loaded gun. Was Ziggy's dad the victim in the school fundraiser shootout? If Jane shoots this guy, what happens to him? Renata Klein jumps out at her and attacks her with puppets.

Celeste, Madeline, and Jane are all living lives of quiet desperation this episode. Whether it's Jane's constant, intrusive flashbacks to her rape or Celeste's increasingly violent marriage, numerous show's main characters have already coped with life-changing assaults.

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As a parent, it must be a painful line - Renata's desire to teach her daughter to be strong and stand up for herself is an important one. Madeline finds it hard to explain to her husband why she was in Joseph's auto, but he turns out to be most understanding of the situation.

'Big Little Lies': What Makes The HBO Mystery So Addictive?