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DHS List Targets Police Agencies Not Helping Feds

20 March 2017

The Declined Detainer Outcome Report is a weekly report that lists the jurisdictions that have declined to honor ICE detainers or requests for notification and includes examples of criminal charges associated with those released aliens.

A new report from the Department of Homeland Security shows Travis County declined more than 140 ICE detainer requests in a one-week period. This report is meant to provide the public with information regarding criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignores or otherwise failed to honor any detainers or requests for notification with respect to such aliens.

The top 10 offending counties are as follows, as CNN listed from the report: Clark County, Nevada; Nassau County, New York; Cook County, Illinois; Montgomery County, Iowa; Snohomish County, Washington; Franklin County, New York; Washington County, Oregon; Alachua County, Florida; Franklin County, Iowa; and Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

"This is an effort for us to be transparent with regards to how we conduct our enforcement operations and the public safety from those agencies that don't cooperate with those enforcement efforts", said a senior DHS official in a briefing call with reporters.

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Homeland Security officials on Monday announced a list of law enforcement agencies that refused to detain immigrants arrested in connection with crimes in the United States so that the federal government could then deport them, a sign of a looming Trump administration crackdown on sanctuary cities nationwide. The other counties listed declined less than fifteen.

When an individual is booked into custody by a law enforcement agency, his or her biometric data is automatically routed through federal databases to the FBI.

Advocates for immigrants say it is unconstitutional for local police to detain someone for a civil deportation proceeding when the judge in their criminal case has ordered them released on bail. ICE described what a detainer is in their latest release.

When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release a criminal alien onto the streets, they have declined an ICE detainer.

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Trump said the jurisdictions are putting USA citizens at risk by releasing criminals who should be deported, and who in some cases have committed additional crimes after being released from jail.

Some local law enforcement agencies and cities have instituted policies of not cooperating with every detainer in part because of concern about relationships with the community. Under President Barack Obama, undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes were considered priorities for deportation.

The 206 declined detainers were noted in the week of January 28, but some of the detainers were issued long before Trump became president, including back to 2014.

ICE detainers have been a controversial issue for years, as several federal courts have ruled that local authorities are under no legal obligation to honor them.

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Crimes included convictions and charges of domestic violence, driving under the influence, forgery, assault, drugs, traffic offenses and homicide.

DHS List Targets Police Agencies Not Helping Feds