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Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination hearings

20 March 2017

Ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., began her opening statement by slamming the GOP for its "unprecedented treatment" of former President Barack Obama's nominee Merrick Garland, who was denied a confirmation hearing.

In two days of questioning by Judiciary Committee members that will begin Tuesday, Gorsuch will try to avoid saying anything controversial and sidestep attempts by Democrats to pin him down on the most pressing legal issues that might come before the court. However, the Democrats could signal they're willing to stand up to Gorsuch and Trump if they drill deep into particular aspects of his philosophy, such as whether he really believes the Constitution should be interpreted based on how it was originally understood.

Sisk says school officials told her they believed Gorsuch's interpretation was wrong.

Judging from some letters we received and published throughout 2016, a driving motive behind the quest for Republican victory was the fear Hillary Clinton as president would upset the balance of power on the U.S. Supreme Court, tilting it to the left, possibly for a generation or more.

Grassley has set a committee vote on Gorsuch's nomination for April 3rd, with Republicans hoping for a vote in the full Senate before the Easter recess.

"I sure hope that there will be eight Democrats to go along, because if they don't support this nominee, then I guess my question would be who ..." Ms Perry explained that even ardent Democrat, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy had voted several times for Republican nominees for the Court.

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Neither will get a chance to do so until Gorsuch's nomination hits the Senate floor, since Democratic Sen. Schumer said that he has a "strong presumption against" Gorsuch but that he would wait until after he heard the judge's formal testimony before Congress before making up his mind.

This means that Mr Gorsuch would not be in a "swing seat", as Ms Perry called it.

What Gorsuch nearly certainly won't do is share his views on hot-button issues that could come before him on the Supreme Court - including abortion, transgender rights, and Trump's travel ban. So it is crucial that Gorsuch be compelled to offer his views of Trump's unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud, as well as his views on the scope of the Voting Rights Act.

Ms Perry said it is a "comforting thought" for those who oppose his appointment because at least they know what they are getting.

Feinstein looking ready to grill Gorsuch when she first met him in early February.

Grassley was at the White House when Trump announced Gorsuch was his pick to fill the vacancy on the nation's highest court.

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During that period Mr Gorsuch helped defend the administration's expansive use of aggressive interrogation techniques.

Republicans control the Senate 52-48.

The Utah Republican said in his experience, the process reveals the kind of judge senators want to see appointed. They also took shots at Trump himself, and criticized the fact that Gorsuch appeared on a list of potential Supreme Court nominees vetted by the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation.

A Congressional staffer told The Independent that Mr McConnell is unlikely to employ a "nuclear option", however. That was in 1987. "A Democratic filibuster will not succeed".

"When a nominee is a sitting judge, they tally the winners and losers in his past cases and do the math".

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Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination hearings