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Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date Tips

21 March 2017

They've spent years longing for the Mass Effect Andromeda release date. Until March 25, you can get a free copy of Mass Effect Andromeda with any new Xbox One or Xbox One S console bundle.

The GeForce GameReady 378.92 WHQL drivers offer Game Ready performance for Bioware's new epic, as well as Rock Band VR. Some have said that they were looking forward to the game's release but the footage of weird character faces and freakish walking animations has put them off of playing the game altogether. I am here to question the logic of predetermined quality and the ever-present reality that people who buy a game will automatically love it, and this applies well beyond fans of Mass Effect. Some reviewers have suggested that it may well be the worst entry in BioWare's hugely popular and critically acclaimed franchise, saying that wonky animations are the least of the developer's problems. Yes, the model here is very much like Mass Effect 3, with various rarities for unlockable characters, weapons, mods and so on.

PC Gamer said although Andromeda was marred by inconsistency, it is still the kind of Mass Effect game that can get under your skin.

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Cons: "On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (I've yet to spend significant time with the PC version), it's prone to major frame rate drops and hitches regardless of what's happening on screen".

Cons: "The inventory system is still a disaster, with dozens of types of weapons and armor with additional tiers (I-VI) applied to them, along with weapon and armor modifications".

It's worth noting that outside of her LinkedIn and Twitter profiles crediting her work in the game's facial animation, there is no evidence that Leost is a "lead member" of the development team-she may actually be one of many hands involved in filling the role. So far though, many are disappointed with the new game.

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Before we begin, fair warning: I am a massive, unapologetically biased Mass Effect fanboy.

I'm not a die-hard Mass Effect loyalist and didn't hold up unrealistic hopes for this game.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date Tips