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Ivanka Trump will donate book proceeds to charity

21 April 2017

Ivanka Trump announced on Wednesday on Facebook that her scheduled tour to promote her upcoming book, "Women Who Work", is cancelled because of ethics concerns.

Trump's book, "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success", a book of advice for women in the workforce, is slated to come out May 2.

Trump continued: "In the first wave of giving, the Fund will make grants of $100,000 each to the The National Urban League and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, two innovative, forward-thinking organizations that have made it a priority to promote entrepreneurship and educational opportunities for women and girls in underserved communities". The fund will make grants of $100,000 to each charity.

It's possible the famous first daughter is a little gun shy when it comes to questions of ethics after questions were raised about three of her brand trademarks which were miraculously approved in China - right before she had dinner with her father and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, no less. The release was originally set for early March but was pushed back as Ivanka Trump moved her family to Washington.

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The fund will receive a minimum of $425,000, which is the unpaid portion of Trump's advance minus expenses. All future royalties beyond that will also go to the fund for five years, the statement said.

And since Ivanka solidified her role in her father's administration by taking an office in the West Wing, there have been more calls for Ivanka to separate herself from her business ventures.

Last year, her brother, Eric, caught heat when his foundation attempted to auction off a coffee meeting with Ivanka to raise money for St. Judes-a practice the family had been doing for years, but ethics watchdogs noted was inappropriate and would invite bidders hoping to curry favor with the First Family.

As president, Trump has said he'll donate his $400,000 salary to charity.

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It not yet clear where the rest of her book's proceeds will be donated. Trump said the book will focus on empowering women in the workplace, though she said she recognized she her experience is not exactly ordinary. She said the unpaid part of her advance would be given to charity.

Ivanka Trump is traveling to Berlin at the invitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ivanka Trump's efforts to work as a champion for women have met with some skepticism. Critics note she remained silent about White House-backed health care legislation.

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Ivanka Trump will donate book proceeds to charity