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Think Tank Linked To Putin Distributed Plans to Influence US Election

21 April 2017

The second paper warned that Hillary Clinton was likely to win the election and that efforts should be shifted towards undermining the legitimacy of the USA election by increasing propaganda claiming it was rigged and fraudulent.

The Reuters report cited three current and four former usa officials who had acquired two documents prepared by the institute.

The US and Russian Federation clashed at the United Nations on Wednesday over a US-drafted Security Council statement to condemn North Korea's latest failed ballistic missile test. Diplomats said China had agreed to the statement.

A joint report from usa intelligence agencies said that the Kremlin was aiming at delegitimizing the democratic process through both supporting a hack of the Democratic National Committee and pushing certain lines through state-sponsored outlets such as broadcaster RT.

Putin has also denied interfering in the USA election.

Turkey electoral board rejects request to annul referendum
The new system outlined under the constitutional changes will take full effect at the next election, slated for November 2019. Turkey voted on Sunday to switch to a presidential system, greatly increasing Erdogan's powers.

Trump and his administration have criticized any reporting on connections between his team and Kremlin election interference as "fake news".

RISS said the report's effort to prove Russian Federation tampered with the election was far-fetched.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov declined to say whether Mr Kiselyov's views agreed with the Kremlin's, saying: “His position is close, but not every time. "So I really hope that the same unilateral actions we saw in Syria won't happen".

Russian state television has claimed US President Donald Trump is more unsafe than North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, in an apparent indication that Moscows opinion of the Republican has already shifted.

After Trump's surprise win in November, the Russian TV anchor had heaped praise on him, triumphantly declaring that Russia was "congratulating themselves with Trump's election".

France promises proof Al Assad regime behind chemical attack
Laboratory tests later confirmed that victims of the April 4 attack were exposed to Sarin nerve gas or a similar banned toxin. But doubts began to emerge soon afterward that not all such armaments or production facilities were declared and destroyed.

The first strategy paper was written in June of 2016 and advocated for a media campaign that would encourage a "softer tone" towards Russian Federation in American attitudes.

The presidential office and the Russian institute did not answer Reuters' request for comment. A spokesperson for Sputnik dismissed the assertions by the US officials that it participated in a Kremlin campaign as an "absolute pack of lies".

"And by the way, it's not the first pack of lies we're hearing from "sources in USA official circles", the spokesperson added.

The propaganda had the main objective to encourage Americans that a president who has a better opinion about Russian Federation is the best choice, in comparison to the Obama administration.

The report said the agencies did not assess whether Moscow's effort had swung the outcome of the race in Trump's favour, because American intelligence agencies do not "analyze USA political processes or US public opinion". The docs don't, however, mention the release of hacked Democratic Party emails, an operation that officials told Reuters was coordinated by a separate part of the Kremlin.

Turkish president Erdogan condemns OSCE report on referendum
Moreover, the position of prime minister will be abolished and the president will be allowed to serve as a political party member. The "no" campaign said it faced intimidation and threats of violence, while opposition figures and journalists were jailed.

The Pentagon downplayed the incident but many foreign policy observers pointed to it as a Russian attempt to remind the president that it won't be bullied by the U.S.

Think Tank Linked To Putin Distributed Plans to Influence US Election