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Twitch's new affiliate program will let nearly any streamer earn money

21 April 2017

Although the program will be invite-only at launch, Twitch says it wants to ensure the bar for entry is "relatively low", and will be dishing out invites based on criteria such as time spent streaming, viewership, and followers.

Cheering will be the only monetization method available to Affiliates at launch, but in the coming months they'll be given access to subscriptions, game commerce, and advertising.

The first tool available to Twitch Affiliates will be Cheering, which has proven very popular on the service. For every Bit a viewer Cheers at an Affiliate-stick with me here-they'll make 1 cent, which is the. The program has seen success in its current phase with over 1 billion Bits used to Cheer since launch.

Pouille opens against Edmund in Davis Cup quarterfinals
The Davis Cup is branded as the World Cup of Tennis by the ITF and colourful, vocal support is very much encouraged. Friday's second singles match will be between Jeremy Chardy and Evans, who have never previously met.

Twitch will further develop both its Affiliate and Partner programs to better support creators at all stages of their development. Twitch also runs TwitchCon, an annual convention for celebrating the Twitch community.

The Twitch Partners program will remain "hand-managed", according to Evans, with staff support and features designed for serving larger communities. While Twitch doesn't list specific criteria for its more prestigious Partner Program, you typically need to have a pretty big following and a steady stream schedule to even be considered.

Until now, only Partnered creators on Twitch received access to the platform's monetization features - which amounted to roughly 17,000 streamers of Twitch's 2.2 million total unique monthly broadcasters.

Zoe Saldana Says Starring In Sci-Fi Films Has Made Her 'Colorblind'
Saldana also said she is always scared to be part of a sequel due to the pressure to outdo the previous one. The actress is no stranger to controversy when it comes to race.

Twitch Partners are streamers that broadcast at least three times a week and have an established audience. As with YouTube before it, when you provide ways for people to make money from their videos, they're likely to produce more content, which in turn increases the overall community's engagement.

Still, this is a major step in the right direction for Twitch, as it will let a wider group have it that much more viable to broadcast their gaming content online. Those figures may need to be adjusted now that Twitch's money-making tools are opening up to more creators. Their payout timeframe remains 45 days compared to the 60 days in the affiliate program.

Obama's call hints at support for Macron in French election
Trump tweeted hours after a gunman shot dead a policeman and wounded two others on the world-famous Champs-Elysees boulevard. Earlier this week in Marseille, police arrested two alleged Islamic extremists who were suspected of planning an attack.

Twitch's new affiliate program will let nearly any streamer earn money