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Canada minister they're looking forward to Trump trade talks

22 April 2017

Trump took aim at Canada's dairy industry this week for creating a new lower-priced classification of milk product that he argues hurts USA producers.

A typical Canadian without direct knowledge of how the dairy industry works in Canada would think that Canadian dairy farmers are being unjustly targeted by President Trump and that his actions are "anti-Canadian".

KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — Turning back to the economic populism that helped drive his election campaign, President Donald Trump signed an order Tuesday he said should help American workers whose jobs are threatened by skilled immigrants.

Trump brought the issue up again on Thursday, saying "rules, regulations, different things have changed" and are putting dairy farmers in Wisconsin and NY state.

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MacNaughton says the facts don't bear out that Canada's policies are the cause of financial loss for US dairy farmers.

He said the facts don't bear that out and attached a U.S. Department of Agriculture dairy outlook report that "clearly indicates the poor results in the U.S. sector are due U.S. and global overproduction".

Trump then revisited his past, repeated criticism of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), calling it "a disaster for our country". "In Canada, we'll continue to implement supply management". "Since Canada's damaging policies also impact dairy farms in Wisconsin, I suggested reaching out to Speaker Ryan".

Earlier Friday, at the start of his meeting in Trudeau's office, Gentiloni said Canada and Italy share a common, pro-trade world view.

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A request for comment to the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa was not returned Thursday.

Schumer visited Cayuga Milk Ingredients past year and first raised concerns about Canada's attempts to limit imports of ultra-filtered milk. Trump said the US enjoys a "very outstanding trade relationship with Canada", pledging only "tweaks" to that relationship in larger NAFTA renegotiations.

Trudeau also lauded the "tremendously strong" trade ties between the two countries. "We're not doing anything illegal, but the Americans just have an axe to grind", said Herman.

Officials perceive Trump's sudden spurt of Canada-bashing as a calculated move, typical of his negotiating style, and created to instill a little fear as NAFTA talks approach.

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On dairy, Freeland said, Canada buys five times more than it sells to the USA; on lumber, Canadian producers have always prevailed in past court cases, and a protracted dispute would only drive up US housing costs.