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Main » Russian expert points to Fillon as best French presidential candidate for Moscow

Russian expert points to Fillon as best French presidential candidate for Moscow

22 April 2017

While some were quick to criticize Trump for implying in his tweet that a terror attack could impact the democratic process, analysts have warned that a last-minute event like a terror attack "could affect the final result" of the election, the Telegraph reported on Friday.

The gunman, who had served 15 years in prison for three attempted murders before being released in 2015, had been under preliminary investigation for terrorism and was detained two months ago but "let go" due to insufficient evidence.

"If there's maybe one surprise that could upset the polls today, my gut feeling is that it could be coming from Fillon", Dauba-Pantanacce said.

French President Francois Hollande convened a meeting of the country's defense council Friday.

Whether many voters will be discouraged from turning out to vote in the face of another potential attack remains to be seen, but, says CNN's Cyril Vanier, the campaign has been so polarizing and the stakes are so high - the place of Europe and unemployment, as well as terrorism - that they will want their voice to be heard.

Macron, a former economy minister in the government that Le Pen has criticised repeatedly for its security record, said the solutions were not as simple as she suggested.

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Terrorist attacks have become a fact of life for many European countries.

French police patrol the Champs Elysees in Paris on Friday.

Shortly after the attack, pundits said it would benefit Le Pen in the elections, whose first round in scheduled to take place Sunday.

In his election campaign, Trump seized on the last year's Brexit vote in the United Kingdom as an example of disillusioned voters rising up against the political establishment and forged a friendship with Nigel Farage, a leading campaigner for Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

At a televised news conference Friday, Le Pen called for the closure of all Islamist mosques in France, the expulsion of hate preachers and the reinstatement of French borders.

French media are reporting that two police officers were shot Thursday on the famed shopping boulevard.

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A policeman was shot in the head and killed by a Muslim attacker who was known to authorities as an Islamic radical. Also wounded was a female tourist.

Those who like her think that this is important for French people, but those who don't like this idea think that it is unfair.

French police are hunting a man identified by Belgian security services in connection with an attack on police officers in Paris Thursday, a French interior ministry spokesman said.

The killing of a policeman by a suspected Islamist militant has pushed national security to the top of the French political agenda, two days before the presidential election. "Donald Trump has made possible what was presented as completely impossible", Le Pen said.

Well, this time, the timing may be too much for France voters to take. Parliament voted in December to extend the extraordinary provisions to ensure the protection of upcoming presidential and general elections.

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Russian expert points to Fillon as best French presidential candidate for Moscow