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LI man among 18 Penn State students charged in hazing death

09 May 2017

Police said he fell around 11 p.m., but first responders were not called until nearly 12 hours later.

The report also said that doctors concluded Piazza suffered from "multiple traumatic brain injuries", including a fractured skull and a lacerated spleen, which resulted in 80 percent of his blood supply in his abdominal cavity.

After that ritual, investigators said Piazza was injured when he fell down a flight of stairs, but the DA said that was only the first fall.

The teen was one of 14 pledges forced to run a "gauntlet" of drinking stations, the grand jury said.

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Stacy Parks Miller, the Centre County District Attorney said Friday, "There are text messages before the hazing which said. we can't get caught doing things with these pledges or we're going to be in big trouble".

In an interview with "Good Morning America" that aired Sunday, Beta Theta Pi brother Kordel Davis says despite his repeated pleas to call 911, no one did. Right away I started freaking out. Tim fell and he's just lying on the couch ...

Davis said that his frat brothers told him he was overreacting and continued to dismiss his pleas for someone to call paramedics.

"They said, 'No you're over-reacting, you don't know what you're talking about.' And I said, 'No I really do know what I'm talking about, he could have a concussion, ' " Davis said.

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Jud Horras, president and CEO of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, has been critical of Penn State's leadership on this issue, and says the university has not taken the critical steps needed to solve this problem. I was told it was all a myth, I was overreacting and I was insane.

Davis claims he raised red flags, but the other guys just thought it was a joke.

The manslaughter charge DiBileo, 21, 102 Whitetail Drive, and seven others face is based on the prosecutors' assertion they planned and participated in the hazing and excessive drinking that led to Piazza's death, according to a criminal complaint filed by State College police Detective David Scicchitano. "This is the result of a feeling of entitlement, flagrant disobedience of the law, and disregard of moral values, that was then exacerbated by egregious acts of self-preservation". Video from security cameras inside the Beta Theta Pi frat helped authorities piece together the final hours of Timothy Piazza's life. University President Eric Barron planned to make a statement about the case later Friday. "No pain we feel can begin to compare to the devastating heartbreak that Timothy's family and friends are experiencing". "This fraternity and the culture on the Penn State campus which allowed this to take place should not take place in any university in any campus anywhere in America". Other charges included hazing, aggravated and simple assault, alcohol-related violations and evidence tampering.

Eight of those members are also facing involuntary manslaughter charges.

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If found guilty, the fraternity brothers charged with involuntary manslaughter - which is a felony - could be sentenced to jail time, the New York Times reported. They did not comment about the charges, and were later released on bail. They are all also barred from drinking or taking non-prescribed drugs, and were told to surrender their passports and remain in either Pennsylvania or their home state. All eight were arraigned in Centre County Court on Friday.