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Students choose NDP in mock election

14 May 2017

The 2017 provincial election will be remembered as a historical stepping stone for the B.C. Green Party.

The Liberals will now form the Western Canadian province's first minority government in 65 years, and uncertainty over whether the parties will form coalitions left the future of big oil and gas projects in the region unclear.

That happened even though Clark spent $15 million in taxpayer dollars on partisan government advertising wrongly promoting the B.C. Liberals and having the most heavily corporately funded political party in Canada, raising over $12 million in 2016.

The Liberals won 43 seats, the NDP won 41 and the Greens won 3.

"I think British Columbians heard the message about how important it is that we fight for jobs, especially in the face of rising USA protectionism in the United States and that we keep taxes low, stay competitive, leave more money in people's pockets and that we keep up the good work that we've been doing for four years", she said. Proportional representation would likely allow the Greens to secure more seats.

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As of around 11:10 PM Pacific Time, incumbent Premier Christy Clark and the governing Liberals (who, despite their name, are actually a right wing party) were tied with the opposition New Democrats at forty-two seats apiece, with the BC Greens leading or elected in three ridings.

"In this election, the NDP vote did not go up".

Clark, 51, told supporters early Wednesday she intends to remain premier.

"I want to work with him, I really do, and I've tried and I've continued to try but he's got to control his temper".

With the Liberals now set to take 43 of the 44 seats required for a majority government, a turnaround in Courtenay-Comox would have major consequences.

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"We have been presented with an opportunity by British Columbians to open a whole new dialogue in our province, in our Legislature", Clark said. "I'm really excited. I came into tonight with an very bad lot of confidence that we had done what it would take". She also predicted the Liberals would strengthen their margin of victory after absentee ballots are counted.

And Green leader Andrew Weaver also had a stunning breakthrough, doubling the party's last vote to 16% and tripling their seats. "British Columbia is unique, as is Alberta, as is Quebec, as is Prince Edward Island".

As for priorities, Leonard said the NDP will be holding its platform forward, trying to ensure a more affordable life for British Columbians. "The people in Kootenay-East have made a decision, and they have decided with a party of free enterprise". When the election was called, the Liberals had 47 seats, the New Democrats 35, and there were three Independents, including Weaver.

"British Columbians did tell us tonight that they want us to do some things differently", Clark told hundreds of supporters who had gathered in downtown Vancouver.

"It could be a disaster", said Johnston about the huge difficulties in changing the way a province votes, "but if they can pull it off it would transform B.C. politics".

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Trans Mountain, in particular, is a showpiece of the Trudeau government's pledge to balance resource development with reducing climate-changing emissions. Several of them attracted Premier Christy Clark's support, including a proposal to ban mandatory high heels for restaurant servers and legislation that requires post-secondary institutions to write and maintain policies to prevent sexual violence on campus.

Students choose NDP in mock election