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BC Greens break through, capture three seats

16 May 2017

When asked whether Kinder Morgan is concerned about the British Columbia election, President Ian Anderson said its pipeline project continues to move forward.

Canadian province British Columbia hasn't seen a party govern with a minority of the seats in parliament in more than 60 years, Kallanish Energy learns.

The votes are in, and Christy Clark will remain premier for the time being.

"British Columbians have waited 16 years for a government that works for them, and we're going to have you to wait a while longer, until all the votes are counted", said NDP Leader John Horgan, whose party aligns closely with the Green Party on a number of key issues.

However, if the results are confirmed, Harrison said the Liberals and New Democrats may be forced to compromise with the Greens or face another election.

NDP leader John Horgan also confirmed he had met with Weaver and that they agreed that the Liberals have "failed" on childcare, affordable housing, and protecting B.C.'s coast against potential harms from increased tanker traffic.

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The stunning outcome gave B.C. its first minority government in 65 years, with Weaver's party holding the balance of power.

Explore our interactive results tracker above to navigate to results for individual ridings. At the outset of the campaign, Weaver made it his mission to expand his party's presence in the legislature, saying that if he was the only Green elected, he wouldn't run again.

The NDP did better than expected in greater Vancouver, which has historically been the linchpin for the Liberals, but it has also given away some of its own seats to Christy Clark's party, jeopardizing its chances of securing a majority.

Still, Norman Ruff, an associate professor emeritus at the University of Victoria who has studied B.C. politics since 1968, said Mr. Weaver has transformed the Greens from an environmental movement to a modern political party that, regardless of Tuesday's results, now has the apparatus to compete heartily in numerous ridings. Looking forward to the discussions with the others.

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But it's not a done deal, with a recount certain in at least one Vancouver Island riding that could still flip to the Liberals, handing them a majority.

There are 87 seats in the legislature. The province has Canada's lowest unemployment rate and has led the country in economic growth two years in a row.

The NDP has tried to make Clark's leadership as premier the central issue of the campaign.

Weaver's pitch features a disavowal of politics as usual. The NDP has tabled legislation on six occasions proposing to ban union and corporate donations.

Continued rule by the BC Liberals under Clark would largely maintain course, amid some promises to reduce MSP premiums and cap tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges.

But Clark's single most important priority - developing a liquefied natural gas industry - is a non-starter for Weaver, a former climate change scientist who has fought against LNG.

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