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Donald Trump says he fired James Comey because he was 'unpopular'

19 May 2017

So far Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) has actively called for Trump's impeachment on the House floor.

The investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn reportedly is tied to the FBI's ongoing probe of Russian influence during the 2016 election.

WASHINGTON (AP) - FBI Director James Comey wrote in a memo that President Donald Trump had a... On Tuesday, the New York Times reported Trump asked Comey to shut down an investigation into Flynn.

The Russia story has already claimed one victim - Mr Trump's first national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was sacked after misleading the government over his meetings with Mr Kislyak.

Amash tweeted Tuesday night that the allegations in the memo are "incredibly serious" and require Comey to testify in front of the House. Trump fired Comey May 9.

Special counsel pick could boost faith in Justice Dept.
Rosenstein said the Mueller appointment was "necessary in order for the American people to have full confidence in the outcome". The Justice Department said Mueller has resigned from his job at a private law firm to take the job of special counsel.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz, wrote a letter to McCabe on Tuesday demanding all Federal Bureau of Investigation memos and other records documenting communications between Comey and Trump by May 24.

If Trump does have taped conversations with Comey, they may well end up as part of an investigation into whether he fired Comey because he wouldn't end the Russia-related investigations.

"Truly, I get this impression that many U.S. media are working in this vein".

Ms May was the first foreign leader to meet with Mr Trump following his inauguration, and has repeatedly reaffirmed the special relationship between the two countries: a military and economic alliance dating back to 19th century. Above all, they are demanding a special prosecutor to lead the investigation of Russia's meddling in last year's presidential election. It goes about only a transcript that the Americans probably have too, but the very word "recording" made the latter shudder as well, CNN reports.

Hours later, one of the Republican Party's elder statesmen, Senator John McCain, raised eyebrows by comparing Trump's woes to those of former President Richard Nixon, who resigned in 1974.

Microsoft blames US stockpiled vulnerability for ransomware attack
Ransomware known as " WannaCry " was unleashed on Friday and exploited vulnerabilities in outdated versions of Microsoft Windows. A massive malware attack was launched on Friday, affecting at least 75,000 computers in 99 countries.

"So, if you're talking about that, I see no secret here".

"No, No. Next question", Trump told reporters.

Scalise's spokesman Chris Bond released a statement clarifying his position on the Comey debate.

Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said pressure was mounting on Ryan to allow a vote on legislation creating an independent commission to take up the investigation. "If in fact what was said in the memo is true, it's very concerning and we need to get to the bottom of that".

Colorado Republican U.S. Sen.

WTI, Brent crude oil futures settle lower
Jefferies bank said it was lowering its oil price forecasts due to a surprisingly strong rise in USA production. The API estimates are followed by official figures from the Energy Information Administration on Wednesday.

Donald Trump says he fired James Comey because he was 'unpopular'