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Don't drink the water! Diarrhoea from USA swimming pools rising

19 May 2017

At least 32 outbreaks caused by Cryptosporidium (also known as "Crypto") linked to swimming pools or water playgrounds in the United States were reported in 2016, compared with 16 outbreaks in 2014, according to preliminary data published today in CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

The bug can spread when people swallow something that's come into contact with the feces of a sick person, and that includes pool water tainted with diarrhea.

In 2014, 16 outbreaks were reported in the United States, and previous year 32 outbreaks were identified, which prompted the CDC to take action.

In 2016, Alabama, Arizona, Ohio, and other states investigated and controlled Crypto outbreaks linked to swimming pools or water playgrounds. Ohio, on the other hand, identified 1,940 people sick with the disease, compared to 571 cases for any one year in 2012-2015.

While the CDC is certainly not making a Jaws-like announcement, agency officials still issued their summertime caution. CDC recommends closing pools and treating the water with high levels of chlorine.

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Either way, the Crypto parasite is definitely one to avoid.

For example, parents might spread the parasite if they change a child's crypto-contaminated diaper and then hop in the water without properly washing their hands, Kan said.

Billups said his crew has been busy getting pools prepared for summer swimmers and visitors to the water park. "Swallowing 10 or fewer of these oocysts can make you sick". Crypto causes watery diarrhea, abdominal cramping and vomiting. These symptoms can lead to dehydration.

Some icky news just in time for pool season: Reports of diarrhea outbreaks linked to cryptosporidiosis parasites in pools and water parks increased at least two-fold in two years, federal health officials reported Thursday.

Even proper chlorination of pools doesn't kill the persistent parasite, the CDC said.

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CDC pool safety expert Michele Hlavsa and colleagues gathered information on all recent reports of cryptosporidium outbreaks.

The CDC said that if a person has diarrhea by crypto, they should wait until two weeks after the diarrhea has stopped to go to a pool or water playground.

Rinse off in the shower before getting in the water to help remove any germs on your body that could contaminate the pool. When an outbreak is detected, operators have to close their pools and treat them with levels of chlorine that would not be safe for swimmers. "It's hard. It's spring, nearly summer".

Hawkinson did say that most healthy adults who get the Crypto illness don't require treatment and eventually recover without hospitalization. The infection can become life-threatening in people with compromised immune systems.

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Don't drink the water! Diarrhoea from USA swimming pools rising