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Family lawyer alleges Vegas officer misconduct

19 May 2017

In the casino driveway at 1 a.m., Lopera thought Brown was trying to carjack a pickup truck with two people inside, McMahill said.

At a press conference Wednesday, McMahill showed video from Lopera's body camera as well as security footage from the Venetian. Lopera can be heard telling Brown. Police have also used the name Tashii Farmer. Brown is heard screaming as he tries to roll over on his stomach; Lopera repeatedly uses the Taser on Brown.

Video shows Brown stiffen and fall backward onto the pavement with his arms raised.

"Please! Please!" Brown cried out.

Lopera and Brown then wrestle as the officer attempts to handcuff him.

There was no indication that race played a role in the incident, according to Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

Attorney Andre Lagomarsino (lah-go-mar-SEE'-noh) said Thursday the family of Tashii Brown wants the officer fired and criminally charged in Brown's death.

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At the start of the body camera footage shown by Metro, you could see when Brown started to run away from officers.

Farmer was sweating heavily, looked panicked, and stated that people were chasing him.

The cause of death has not yet been determined, and a toxicology report could take six to eight weeks to complete, the department said.

The police department originally said that the hold used on Brown by Lopera was an approved maneuver called a Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint, but McMahill said Lopera described the hold as a "rear naked choke", a martial arts technique.

That method, which McMahill said can render a person unconscious within 10 seconds, is banned for use by police in many other cities, including NY, where the death of Eric Garner on a Staten Island sidewalk in July 2014 sparked a national debate about police brutality.

The 31-year-old Lopera held Brown's neck for more than a minute - far longer than the seven to 10 seconds it might take for an approved method to render a person unconscious, according to McMahill.

During the struggle on the ground, the video showed Brown attempting to pull the tasing prongs from his back.

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Oklahoma's Republican Gov. Mary Fallin has called for calm after a jury found a Tulsa police officer not guilty in the shooting a year ago of an unarmed black man. He is on paid leave pending departmental and district attorney reviews of his actions.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, which led a push for use-of-force reforms after Las Vegas police were involved in 25 shootings in 2010, said Monday, May 15, 2017, it will seek a review of the training that allows officers to use the technique.

Lopera has not provided a statement to investigators, according to AP.

During the tussle on the ground Lopera, assisted by up to three other officers, also punched Farmer in the face and head.

In Las Vegas, he pleaded guilty in February to misdemeanor driving under the influence.

Farmer grew up in Hawaii, where he has two children, and he lived with his mother, Trinita Farmer, in Las Vegas.

"We'll be fully transparent and we will look at this event with a very critical eye", Lombardo said.

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Family lawyer alleges Vegas officer misconduct