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Google Assistant For Android TV Launching This Year

19 May 2017

For example, if it sees you've got an trip coming up in your calendar and the traffic is looking heavy, its circle will start glowing - say "Hey Google, what's up?" and it'll tell you to leave early, along with a suggested route.

One potentially unsettling new feature in Photos will let you automatically share some or all of your photos with other people. This data can then be acted upon, so it could automatically connect to a WiFi router without typing a password.

You can already play the likes of Google Play Music or Spotify Premium on the Home but a forthcoming update will also expand such functionality to Spotify Free accounts as well as added support for SoundCloud and Deezer.

Microsoft withheld update that could have slowed WannaCry
The fast-spreading cyber extortion campaign eased for second day on Tuesday, but the identity and motive of its creators remain unknown.

Google has finally introduced its popular personal assistant, Google Assistant, on the iOS devices.

We quickly realised Google Assistant was very similar to the outgoing Google Now, with a different name but not drastically better abilities. With the Google Translate app, users are able to point their smartphone cameras at text in different languages and see a translation on their screen nearly instantaneously.

Google placed a heavy emphasis on AI at I/O 2017, debuting an intriguing new technology called Google Lens which works with Google Assistant and Photos to identify objects in the real world. You will receive a dot appearing when there is a new notification.

Temer faces calls to go over 'bribes'
She was found guilty by Congress of illegally manipulating the government's accounts to mask the depth of a painful recession. Brazil's Petrobras corruption and embezzlement scandal has enveloped the country's political elite - across party lines.

The Home device will offer assistance by flagging you when you're near the device.

"Play Protect detects and removes apps that might be harmful".

Partners in the endeavor include Vive-maker HTC and Lenovo, according to Google virtual reality team vice president Clay Bavor. What's exciting is that these will be part of a new category of VR devices - standalone headsets. The Android platform is a juicy target for potential scammers, but Google so far seems to have dealt with threats quickly and efficiently (given the scope of the platform, you understand). The firm will also put "wise limits" on background activity such as location tracking and execution, in a bid to preserve battery life and memory. "And Smart Text Selection improves copy and paste", the compnay said in a statement.

UK's Conservatives to support shale energy, cap household energy tariffs (CNA, SSE)
The value of the pound has tumbled since Britons voted to leave the bloc, pushing costs up and driving inflation past wage growth. The platform signals that May is more willing than her predecessor, David Cameron, to let the state intervene in markets.

We can expect in the full release of the operating system later this Summer.