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Google's Plan to Make Voice Control Work When All Devices Have Microphones

19 May 2017

The service will launch in 2018.

A day after Google talked about the Android Go, and made millions of Android phone users who stick to a budget phone happy, at the Google I/O, the company has said that this is not a separate operating system like the way Android One was. You can also call out a business name or phone number.

It includes rebuilt Google apps and a redesigned Play store for devices with less than 1 gigabyte of memory. But in countries like this, the high cost of mobile data is a major barrier to consumers buying smartphones and using Google services.

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Google has worked its AI into so many aspects of so many of its ventures over the past year that I asked Giannandrea whether he thought it could keep up the pace in the years to come. In a blog post Google states "The core concept is to separate the vendor implementation - the device-specific, lower-level software written in large part by the silicon manufacturers - from the Android OS Framework". Unlike Android One system, Android Go is not geared towards hardware. "Most of these users are in emerging markets".

Another difference is that for Android One, Google asked phone makers to abide by some rules. They now look more like the set of icons on iOS, and they are no longer bound to Android updates. Most of the show was given over to the company's advanced in machine learning and AI technology, with comparatively little time devoted to Android itself.

"You don't need to learn anything new to make this work-the interface and the experience can be much more intuitive than, for example, copying and pasting across apps on a smartphone". While Siri is fully baked into the iPhone from the first time you turn it on, the only way to get Google Assistant on your iPhone is to download it from Apple's App Store.

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"We see our job as evangelizing this new shift in computing", Giannandrea says.

Facebook tried a similar app-curation strategy - picking a suite of services to "zero-rate", or subsidise the data charge. Though Google has said in the past that it would be looking at lowering the minimum software versions to possibly Android 4.X - though that seems to have now changed.

Android O and 2 Billion users is big news, but the real story from I/O 2017 is how everything will become a vessel for Google Assistant and the artificial intelligence that powers it. Since the phone will wear all things basic, Google ensures the public to bring an OS that supports apps created to operate efficiently in the face of its complexities. If you're making a video call in Duo or watching a video in YouTube, pressing the home button will bring you back to the home screen, with a minimised window in the right hand corner displaying the video.

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Google said that while it was happy with the momentum of its Daydream virtual reality platform based on using smartphone as screens in headsets, it is working with partners on stand-alone virtual reality gear.