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Ivanka Trump to take part in presidential trip

19 May 2017

However, under the Trump administration, relations have warmed and the USA is fully supporting Saudi Arabia in its regional role. According to Newser, the president will be visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican, as well as attending a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Belgium and then the G7 summit in Sicily, during his nine-day trip.

Mr Trump has himself insinuated the Saudi government was behind the world's deadliest terror attack, telling Fox News in February 2016: "Who blew up the World Trade Center?"

Saudi Arabia and the United States have a relationship that stretches back nearly a century, since the 1933 kickoff of oil exploration in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has been accused of fuelling Islamist extremism with its adherence to fundamentalist Wahhabism and funding foreign mosques and schools that spread the ideology, sparking criticism from German intelligence services in a recent report.

Toomey says GOP striving for middle ground on Medicare expansion
The AHCA is about cutting taxes for the wealthy and supporting big insurance companies on the backs of those who are sick. The plan also frees employers from paying expensive premiums as well as having to deal with health plan administration.

Saudi leaders are glad to see the end of Obama's term.

In a statement after this meeting, bin Salman's senior advisor's statement touched on the various topics discussed, which included an expansion of economic cooperation, an agreement that Trump's travel ban was justified and was not a "Muslim ban", and the two leaders' agreement on "the same views on the gravity of the Iranian expansionist moves in the region". Trump is scheduled to give a speech supporting moderate Islam.

"What President Trump is seeking is to unite peoples of all faiths around a common vision of peace, progress and prosperity", McMaster said.

The sold-out concert is in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, according to Lammt.

Ford's global job cut unlikely to have major impact in India
Profits for the Detroit-based automaker fell 35% during the first quarter to $1.6 billion, the first such decline in seven years. It previously forecast re-tax earnings of $9 billion, down from $10.4 billion for all of a year ago .

Foreign policy expert James Carofano of the Heritage Foundation told The Washington Post that he feels the foreign trip will be an opportunity for Trump to have a fresh start after a tumultuous several months in Washington.

In Rome, the Mr Trump will call upon Pope Francis in the Vatican, despite calling the holiest man in the Catholic faith "disgraceful" for questioning his faith in critical comments made during his campaign.

Trump will be visiting Riyadh on Friday on his first worldwide trip as U.S. president. Trump has previously met with all of the G7 leaders except French President Emmanuel Macron, who took office within the last week.

Trump says he might cancel all 'press briefings'
Trump also appeared to be unhappy with press reports about shifting White House explanations of Comey's firing. The FBI chief had confided he was concerned it might compromise his Trump-Russia inquiry, said Mr Clapper.