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Policeman kills 5 colleagues in Afghanistan

19 May 2017

Also Friday, five Afghan policemen were killed in fighting with the Taliban in eastern Kapisa province.

Gunmen stormed the local headquarters of Afghanistan's State media in the eastern Nangarhar province on Wednesday, setting off clashes that killed 10 people, officials said.

The Taliban attacked a police checkpoint in the early morning hours, according to Qais Qaderi, the spokesman for the provincial governor, who added that the attack was launched in Tagab district.

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Momand said the attacker, identified as Nasratullah, collected the victims' firearms before fleeing the scene.

The Taliban have not claimed the responsibility, but the provincial government has blamed the militant group for the attack.

The deadly bombing came just days after the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) warned that the number of child deaths resulting from conflict-related incidents in the country have risen by 21 percent in the first four months of 2017.

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In February, a policeman shot and killed eight of his colleagues as they were sleeping in an outpost in northern Faryab province.

The Taliban instantly took credit for the violence, claiming it left several USA soldiers dead, though the insurgent group often issues inflated tolls for such attacks.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, another roadside bomb targeted a United States militarily convoy in northern Parwan province today.The explosion disabled an armored vehicle but caused no injuries. The blast disabled an armored vehicle but caused no injuries.

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Policeman kills 5 colleagues in Afghanistan