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Rosenstein Contradicts Trump On Comey Memo Timeline

19 May 2017

Russian Federation has denied U.S. intelligence agencies' conclusion that it interfered in the election campaign to try to tilt the vote in Mr Trump's favour.

Following Rosenstein's testimony, a number of Senators came out to take about what happened in the closed-door meeting.

One striking piece of news emerged from Mr Rosenstein's briefing. NPR's Geoff Bennett joins us now. But since Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation, Mueller will answer to Sessions' deputy, Rod Rosenstein. What did they have to say?

In the meeting, Rosenstein also cast further doubt on the White House's initial explanation for why Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9. "As the special counsel does his work, the Congress must establish an independent commission to conduct thorough and public hearings to ensure all of the facts are brought to light". But here's the thing. So today was Rosenstein's chance to answer questions about that and frankly defend his reputation. "Their's obviously is a different realm in the Justice Department, so I'm not concerned that it would impede", Rubio said.

US Senate Intel Committee Requests More Information From Comey, McCabe
Comey recounted the incident in a memo, read to the Times by an associate, which quotes Trump as saying: "He is a good guy". The allegations reportedly contained in the memo are incredibly serious.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Say that again.

BENNETT: Now, the he that she refers to is the deputy attorney general. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said.

"He knew the day before", Durbin said of Rosenstein.

An anonymous source told the Post that Rosenstein was upset at the White House for initially saying his memo was the reason Comey was sacked, and threatened to resign if that narrative was not changed.

Bitcoin Prices Rebound After WannaCry Ransomware Attack
At least three companies and banks had paid up money in bitcoins to unlock their systems, according to sources. For example, in India, most of the systems are not safe from future attacks.

Sen. Clarie McCaskill, D-Mo., speaks to the media after the closed briefing on Capitol Hill with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Thursday.

FBI Directors serve at the presidents pleasure, and Trump did not need Rosenstein's recommendation to fire Comey. What was the president's rationale?

In former FBI Director Robert Mueller, the DOJ appears to have chosen for special Russian Federation counsel a respected figure of integrity, possessed of impeccable credentials, who inspires confidence this investigation will be conducted in thorough, professional and impartial fashion.

Congress will continue to carry out their own investigations. No criminal investigation of Flynn has ever been publicly confirmed.

NSA warned Microsoft about vulnerability connected to 'Wanna Cry'
It should be noted that Windows XP is an outdated version of Microsoft's Windows operating system, which first launched in 2001. The WannaCry ransomware has septic over 350,000 computers across the globe in last few days.

Cornyn and other members on the Senate Intelligence committee agreed that congressional committees shouldn't hit the brakes on their investigations; rather, they should take steps to make sure they don't interfere with the FBI's probe. His appointment of Robert Mueller was the right way to go for the sake of integrity and public confidence - and because Mueller is so well-qualified. Congressional committees can't prosecute. And of course it may not. "We've discussed this before", Spicer said. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham shared, "It was a counterintelligence investigation before now". Some said they are uncertain whether the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation will be able to subpoena documents and witnesses, given that Mueller's effort is likely to be seeking the same evidence. Geoff, thanks so much.