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Special Envoy Moon Meets with Japanese Leader

19 May 2017

So if North Korea is willing to stop taking actions to defend itself then the U.S. might talk to them.

Pyongyang also said the South Korean government made their complaint "blindly" and that their "disgraceful behavior is ridiculous and a pity". No doubt the U.S. would like to talk about verification of the dismantling of the North's nuclear and missile program.

"If you are a country that is supplying or supporting North Korea, we will call you out on it", she said.

"The United States is not past looking at third-country entities who are helping North Korea and putting sanctions against them". We don't have it done yet. "Absolutely, sanctions (are) something that we are looking at and we are going to continue to see where that takes us".

There should be no doubt that China has the means to crash the North Korean economy, if it wants to.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in center consoles family members of the deceased in front of a grave marker during the 37th annual May 18 Democratic Uprising memorial at the Gwangju National Cemetery in Gwangju South Korea Thursday

"Though we're now at the stage of pressure and sanctions, (Trump) said he is willing to build peace through engagement if certain conditions are created". What they're doing is exactly right. One test missile landed just 60 miles from Russia's eastern coast Saturday night.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hailed the launch on Sunday as a test of the "perfect weapon system" and capable of carrying "a large-size heavy nuclear warhead".

People living in Seoul would essentially have zero to six minutes - from the moment a missile is launched to the time it hits the target - to take cover in the event of a strike, Dr Schiller and Dr Wright said. At maximum distance its range would be about 4,500 kilometers.

A telephone line to North Korea at the truce village of Panmunjom may be reopened, more than a year after it was shut down after the closing of a jointly operated factory park.

The North defends its weapons programmes as necessary to counter USA hostility and regularly threatens to destroy the United States.

US Extends Obama-era Nuclear Sanctions Relief for Iran
The nuclear agreement eased crippling economic sanctions on Iran in return for imposing strict limits on its nuclear program. The US Treasury Department Wednesday announced unrelated, new sanctions in connection to Iran's ballistic missile program.

BEIJING (AP) - Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday he's willing to help ties with South Korea return to a "normal track" amid a rift over Seoul's deployment of a high-tech USA missile-defense system to guard against North Korean threats.

The launch complicates the new South Korean president's plan to talk to the North, and came as U.S., Japanese and European navies gather for joint war games in the Pacific. "The system has already achieved initial operation capability", he said.

Trump has to deal with the unexpected election of a new leader in South Korea, President Moon Jae-un, a respected left-of-centre politician who states he wants to ease the tense relations with North Korea, including the current alarm caused by North Korea's missile tests.

A special envoy representing Moon is due to visit China on today for talks on THAAD and the overall bilateral relationship. Although he has sometimes criticized the THAAD deployment, Moon has not said he will remove it. However, it is already in place and working.

But analysts warned that Moon will have a hard path to weave, with THAAD already near fully operational.

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North Korea has maintained that the missile test was in response to the nuclear dangers and threats posed by the US and its allies.

South Korea's foreign ministry did not immediately respond to questions about the song, and the video did not appear to garner much attention on the country's social media platforms.

This opinion article was written by an independent writer.

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Special Envoy Moon Meets with Japanese Leader