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The Health 202: White House drama threatens to upstage health-care efforts

19 May 2017

Dems seek meeting with Ivanka Trump on women's health Nunes still viewing Russian Federation intel after recusal: report House held back ObamaCare repeal bill for potential second vote MORE (R-Wis.). This breaks the promise made on page 35 of the GOP Pledge to America: "We will ensure that bills are debated and discussed in the public square by publishing the text online for at least three days before coming up for a vote in the House of Representatives". House Republicans narrowly passed the measure on May 4.

According to several aides and other procedural experts, if Republicans send the bill to the Senate now and the CBO later concludes it doesn't save at least $2 billion, it would doom the bill and Republicans would have to start their repeal effort all over with a new budget resolution.

The updated score is expected early next week.

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But Republican aides say that it's only being kept in the House out of an "abundance of caution". If states opt out of Obamacare's requirements, though, millions more might be able to afford cheaper, if less generous, plans.

"You never know until you know" one GOP Senate aide with knowledge of the process told CNN.

Though the vote in May was certainly a victory for the GOP, Republicans had initially attempted and failed to pass the bill in March.

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That 217-213 tally appeared to be a rare legislative victory for them and President Donald Trump, even if the vote was a hard one for some rank-and-file House Republicans, who had qualms. "If they have to amend the bill next week after they are informed of its effects, then they will have a very hard time doing so given the fierce backlash over Trumpcare that we've seen in the days since passage".

The CBO score of an earlier version of the bill found that it would reduce the deficit by $150 billion over 10 years, giving Republicans a considerable cushion.

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The Health 202: White House drama threatens to upstage health-care efforts