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Theresa May redefines Conservatism as Tories move on from Thatcher

19 May 2017

The party also aims to reduce asylum claims made in Britain, while promising to help people in "the most troubled regions".

But many economists say the "tens of thousands" target is arbitrary and economically damaging.

While the fishermen group "sincerely hope we are proved wrong", they suspect that the manifesto prepares the groundwork for Brussels be left in control of Britain's waters between 12 and 200 miles, as part of a deal which will "buy off smaller boats, appease the European Union, continue the consolidation of Britain's struggling fleet into fewer boats and fewer hands controlled by larger interests... and fulfil the EU's goal of clearing our seas and leaving only a cottage industry around our shores".

May reiterated that Britain would be leaving the European single market and the customs union and warned of battles ahead over the next two years as the country negotiates its departure from the European Union.

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At present, care home residents with savings and assets (including the value of property) worth more than £23,250 must pay for their own care but the party's new manifesto pledge sees this wealth limit increase by more than four-fold to £100,000. "We reject the cult of selfish individualism".

Executive pay packages will be subject to annual votes by shareholders and listed companies will have to publish the ratio of executive pay to "broader United Kingdom workforce" pay in a concession to widespread public anger over high salaries for big business bosses. At current levels it held down wages and put pressure on public services, she said. "There is good solid Conservatism that puts the interests of the country and the interests of ordinary working people at the heart of everything we do in government".

"The negotiations will undoubtedly be tough, and there will be give and take on both sides, but we continue to believe that no deal is better than a bad deal for the UK", May said in the document.

The Tories have also promised to overhaul social care funding in a manifesto Theresa May said would "deliver for mainstream Britain".

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May has cast the Brexit vote as a "quiet revolution" that exposed the failings of modern Britain in a way that can no longer be ignored by a leader who looks back to Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee for inspiration. "It means making Britain a country that works, not for the privileged few, but for everyone".

But there are signs that Brexit could already be biting the economy, such as quickening inflation.

Under the government's existing plans, the deficit is projected to fall to 0.7 percent of gross domestic product by the 2021-22 financial year, down from 2.6 percent of GDP in the last financial year.

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Theresa May redefines Conservatism as Tories move on from Thatcher