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Trump did not pass secrets to Russia - Putin

19 May 2017

And that should make Trump very anxious.

But with revelations that Comey kept memos about his conversations with Trump ― including one in which the president allegedly asked Comey to drop a probe into fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn ― the Intelligence and Judiciary committees pulled the trigger, issuing multiple requests. The White House says the conversation didn't happen as described.

The New York Times first reported and Comey has since confirmed he wrote memos detailing his perceptions of meetings with the president.

Mr. Trump called his meeting with Santos "productive", as he said future meetings will be. An unnamed close associate of Comey's later told the New York Times that the ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation director would be willing to testify, but only in a public setting.

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Seraikela-Kharsawan SP Rakesh Bansal told The Telegraph . "Villagers gripped by fear of child-lifters have committed the crime". The mob is believed to have followed their auto on suspicion that they were child-lifters.

He said that if the dismissal amounted to an attempt to prevent an investigation into ties between Russian Federation and Mr Trump's presidential campaign, impeachment would be appropriate.

The recent news about Mr Trump has intensified concerns, Mr Bonifaz suggested, drawing more people to sign the petition.

So, to clarify, Donald Trump Jr. and Geraldo Rivera agree on the theory of "Donald Trump doing what looks an very bad lot like committing obstruction of justice is not close to #Obstruction".

"Unfortunately the administration has given such conflicting information, the president's own tweets at times seem to contradict the statements made by staff", she said. He then said he'd be willing to provide transcripts of the exchange his officials had with the president to Congress, but only if Trump and his administration personally requested the documents be sent over. It's hard not to presume that Comey has notes about this meeting, too.

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Now, simply not sliding down even further (as I'd convinced myself we were finally due for) is far from good enough. It's something Booker brought up late last week as he expressed the desire to be more involved in the process.

And he wasn't the only one to break ranks on Comey.

Rep. Adam B. Schiff, Calif., the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is already calling for Comey's notes to be subpoenaed.

The White House quickly responded, saying it never asked Comey or anyone else to end the investigation into Flynn. A lot of it comes down to interpretation of legal statutes and proving intent, which can be hard in court.

That's because the notes will have been written before Trump fired Comey, and before Comey had an ax to grind.

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Now, Trump has reacted to Colbert in his interview with Time Magazine , "There's nothing amusing about what he says". Colbert's response included the fact-check that "low-energy" Jeb Bush's appearance had higher ratings.

Following a bombshell report in The Washington Post that Trump shared classified intelligence with Russian Federation on the battle against ISIS, Vladimir Putin has spoken out on Trump's troubles, calling them "political schizophrenia".

Trump did not pass secrets to Russia - Putin