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UK's Theresa May renews vow to cut immigration below 100000

19 May 2017

HALIFAX, England Prime Minister Theresa May rejected "untrammelled free markets" and promised to rein in corporate excesses in pre-election pledges on Thursday created to woo not only her core supporters but also those of her left-wing rivals.

- Ensuring that non-EU migrants contribute more to use the NHS.

"People will be left helpless knowing that what will happen is if they're unlucky enough to suffer the need for care costs, they'll be entirely on their own until they're down to the last 100,000 pounds, all of their wealth including their house", he told the BBC.

Under the new Conservative blueprint, a planned £72,000 cap on care costs, which had been due to come in in 2020, would be scrapped.

On the face of it, the new policy would not require so many additional assessments, though it is likely that many people who now self-fund their care in a care home would become entitled to local authority funding in future.

But May will also commit to removing winter fuel payments from the wealthy and to charge more people who now receive free care in their own home. Increased spending will be funded by withdrawing the £300 winter fuel payment from wealthier pensioners.

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Funding for schools will increase by £4 billion by 2022, the Conservatives have pledged as the party bids to ease backbench concerns.

A free school breakfast for every child through primary school will be offered instead, with money freed up by the change added to the core schools budget. "We want fair, orderly negotiations, minimising disruption and giving as much certainty as possible - so both sides benefit", the manifesto said.

While May promised to make Britain a better place for people from all walks of life, she admitted her party may not have all the answers as yet.

May a year ago praised free markets and free trade in a speech to party activists, but also said that she would be prepared to intervene where markets were deemed dysfunctional or where companies were exploiting the failures of the market.

Companies employing migrant workers would see the Immigration Skills Charge doubled to £2,000-a-year by the end of the parliament, with the revenue generated to be invested in higher level skills training for United Kingdom workers.

The party hopes the plan will deter businesses or government from avoiding their "obligations to improve the skills of the British workforce".

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"We will expect students to leave the country at the end of their course, unless they meet new, higher requirements that allow them to work in Britain after their studies have concluded".

The manifesto also includes promises to limit immigration from outside the European Union and to curb numbers arriving from within the EU.

The party's manifesto also committed to meeting the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation target of spending at least 2 per cent of GDP on defence, stating that the country has a "responsibility to sustain our fine armed forces so that they can defend the realm, our overseas territories and our interests around the globe".

The Conservative platform says Britain will enter European Union divorce negotiations "in a spirit of honest cooperation" - and will pay "a fair settlement" to meet its obligations as a departing member.

It pledges to double to £2,000 ($2,600, 2,340 euros) a charge on companies hiring foreign workers, and cut immigration from outside the EU.

May said the public was rightly affronted by the remuneration of some corporate leaders and added that the next Conservative government would legislate to make executive pay packages subject to strict annual votes by shareholders.

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UK's Theresa May renews vow to cut immigration below 100000