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Unaffordable health care for many

19 May 2017

He added, "The nation's emergency departments, which already serve as a major safety net in health care, will become even more overcrowded than they now are".

Doktor Zoom, for example, wondered why he's still paying a premium. How can you charge women more for health care?

Every day, I hear from my constituents about the ways in which our health-care system is failing Central Valley families. But parents in Florida saw even greater gains, with the uninsured rate dropping by almost eight percentage points, from almost 25 percent in 2013 to about 17 per cent in 2015.

But the president wasn't talking about health care per se.

Even the picture of the current health law isn't as bad as Trump tried to paint it, though.

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Not that any Republicans in Congress will care, but the Centers for Disease Control reported Tuesday that the uninsured rate remained at a historic low previous year. It also eliminates both the individual and employer mandate penalties that forced millions of Americans into health care plans that they do not want and can not afford, among many other provisions. It says "Obamacare is failing". The states can not spend what they do not receive.

"Aetna just pulled out". No limits on what insurance companies can charge.

That's true. Aetna pulled out of all the Obamacare exchanges.

ME has been held up as an example of a state that had a high-risk pool that worked, prior to enactment of the ACA. And premiums have been rising across the country.

Under the Obama administration, the government paid insurance companies extra money, including $7 billion past year, so they could keep plans affordable for relatively poor consumers.

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Many Republicans hesitated to denounce Mr Trump following the Washington Post report, claiming they needed more information. On the House floor, the seventh-term lawmaker said Trump should be removed from office for "obstruction of justice".

"Any policy is not going to change the market overnight", he said.

In the Senate, cuts to Medicaid in the new health care bill may face a similar fate, since centrist GOP senators are concerned that the 2020 end date for federal funding to new Medicaid enrollees would leave too many of their constituents without coverage. But McCaskill said that the Trump administration, by talking down the law and threatening to withhold funds created to help stabilize exchange markets under Obamacare, is responsible for its bad condition. The case is on hold while the House GOP and the Trump administration figure out their next steps, but Trump on his own has threatened to halt them because he believes that would force Democrats to negotiate on repealing Obamacare.

But he hopes to help make it so. "It's dead", that's not exactly true.

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