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United States extends sanctions relief under Iran nuclear deal

19 May 2017

The State Department announced on Wednesday that it was going to continue to waive sanctions against Iran as part of the nuclear agreement signed under Obama for another 120 days, but is adding some new sanctions on specific Iranians for continued human rights abuses.

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration is extending sanctions relief for Iran that was granted under the 2015 nuclear agreement, while imposing new economic penalties over Iranian ballistic-missile activity.

As lawmakers prepare for an imminent debate over a new bill pressing further sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile development, human.

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Trump administration officials say the White House is carrying out a comprehensive review of US policy on Iran, which is focused on what officials consider Tehran's expanding influence in the region. "And above all, the United States will never allow the regime in Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon".

WASHINGTON, D.C.: The United States passed up a chance to reimpose sanctions on Tehran's nuclear program Wednesday, deciding to stand by an global accord two days before Iran goes to the polls.

But for now, Trump seems to be abiding by the Iran deal. As a candidate, Trump was free to join his fellow Republicans in denouncing the Iran nuclear deal as the 'worst deal in history, ' as he described it on more than one occasion.

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The decision comes just before the Obama administration's last six-month waiver expires.

But the USA also announced new unrelated sanctions in a bid to show it was not letting Tehran off the hook. Separately, however, Washington also extended wider sanctions relief for Iran called for under the nuclear accord.

The new sanctions, added by the Treasure Department, target two senior Iranian officials and entities based in China and Iran that are supporting Iran's missile program. "And they were also at the table and they still support the deal". President Hassan Rouhani, a moderate who oversaw the clinching of the nuclear deal, faces challenges from hard-liners who have stridently criticized the deal.

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Instead, the nuclear agreement's failure to lift the economy is at the heart of a surprisingly strong challenge from Ebrahim Raisi. Currently, Washington is trying to prevent a rise in anti-Americanism in Iran. His re-election would be welcomed by Europeans who desire more business dealings with Tehran and who likely would resist or ignore any US efforts to slap nuclear sanctions back on Iran. Worldwide sanctions will not "snap back", as President Obama said they would if Iran cheated.