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Video messages, bot payments, and more

19 May 2017

At first we had audio messages. Like its build number suggests, the new update for Telegram is a relatively major one and ships with a number of new features that should ennoble the user experience of the app in a significant way.

Soon you'll be able to order pizza, shop for clothes, or maybe pay your utility bills using Telegram bots. The feature now also works with voice messages. To send a video message, tap the microphone icon in the chat box. It will switch to a camera icon.

The new Telegram update has finally arrived, an update we have been waiting for a long time since it was leaked how video messages and new payments would be.

Israeli group to appeal Facebook Palestinian violence case
Israel maintains that conditions meet all global standards, and has so far has refused to negotiate with prisoners. Several hundred Palestinians are being held without charges or trial, in so-called administrative detention.

Telegram has received a slew of features in its latest version bringing a subtle combination of digital payments, artificial intelligence, and video messaging.

Telescope is "a dedicated video hosting platform for those who use videos to communicate with their audiences". To send the message, simply release the recording button and the video will be sent.

Videos recorded to share with a Telegram group or channel can be shared anywhere online with a unique URL. From now on, those who work in the messenger, you can make the payments, as stated on the official website of the messenger. Users will have to tap and hold the camera icon and record a video message. Else, Telegram servers could easily be overwhelmed by all the videos that are on their way.

The Rock is seriously thinking about that 2020 run for president
Then he dropped this, which sounds an very bad lot like a campaign slogan: "More poise, less noise". President Johnson does have a ring to it .

The Russian app is working with Stripe to enable payments, and will make payments available through localised options prevalent in developing countries, such as RazorPay, FlutterWave, PaymentWall and Yandex.Money.

Just as Google Assistant can now process payments instantly and without much fuss, Telegram bots will also be able to handle payments instantly, in instances where pay buttons have been incorporated. On clicking Pay, a user is prompted to enter their card details and then checkout. Instant View Platform. - Instant View is ready to support thousands of websites, including your favorite ones.

One of the biggest additions is touted to be the Bot Payments which will allow Telegram users to order goods and services from bots within the app.

North Korea threatens South after firing missile
If shot at a standard trajectory, experts say , the missile would have traveled about 2,500 miles, far enough to hit the U.S. Yet 38 North also says new assessments of what North Korea's missile program can do are now necessary.

Call it your own customized news feed within a messaging app, Instant View allows users to read articles or blog from any publication in a neat layout. Beyond merely showing the text of an article, Instant View pages support images, videos, and any other media.

Video messages, bot payments, and more