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Volkswagen Up GTI Revealed - The Hot Hatch That India Deserves!

19 May 2017

Range of little city cars, and here it is - the 2018 Volkswagen Up! GTi.

Volkswagen will launch a hot hatch version of its Up city vehicle, the company has confirmed. 41 years on from the original, Volkswagen's keen to conjure up the spirit of the past, with a sporty, nimble auto that puts fun over fast. But it's got the same three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine driving the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox, the same 115hp and 147lb ft of torque, the same boxy looks and retro GTI embellishments and the same 15mm ride height drop and suspension upgrades over the regular Up. Even the colour palette is borrowed from the current Golf GTI. Anxious that's not enough?

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Now before you go turning up your nose at those figures, VW's eager to point out that it's pretty close to the specs of the original MkI Golf GTI. With the Up GTI weighing just 997kg, this pocket hot hatch will do 0-62mph in 8.8 seconds, before topping out at 122mph. Despite the performance, the auto is said to have low fuel consumption and emissions, thanks to automatic engine stop/start, regenerative braking and one of Volkswagen's first uses of a particulate filter on a petrol engine.

There's a 15mm suspension drop and some general tinkering underneath to sharpen it up, but it's already an uncommonly good auto to drive as standard. Well. we don't know yet because we haven't driven it. There'll be a five-door too, mind.

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Unless VW's had a serious off day, this promises to be a thoroughly good vehicle.

Just last week we revealed Volkswagen are about to launch a new GTi, and this time it would be for the Up! Reckon it's a victor?

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Volkswagen Up GTI Revealed - The Hot Hatch That India Deserves!