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Putin to France's Macron: Let's 'overcome mutual mistrust'

20 May 2017

As part of his effort to convince voters that both he and his movement marked a break with the status quo, Macron previously promised that half of its candidates will be new to elected politics. (Forward!) - has no seats in the legislature which is dominated by Socialists and Republicans.

Whether Valls' offer has been accepted will be known Thursday when the names of Macron's 577 candidates in the legislative elections will be announced.

Euro demand was also limited as any major election which results in a change in leadership always creates a certain level of market uncertainty over how the new leader will perform and what changes they may enact, which allowed sterling to push ahead of the single currency by the start of the European session. Le Pen has already called to congratulate Macron and conceded defeat to a gathering of her supporters in Paris. There are at least three scenarios of how it could play out.

The two most optimistic possibilities for Macron is that En Marche! either secures a working majority in June or forms the biggest group of legislators but not an absolute majority. It now has only two deputies in the National Assembly due to a voting system that favors more mainstream parties.

In this eventuality of no overall majority, the president's handpicked prime minister may have limited latitude to move his agenda forward.

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In 2014, Macron became minister of economy, industry and digital data under President Francois Hollande.

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said Macron's victory was a "good day for Europe".

Also, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada said: "congratulations @EmmanuelMacron on your historic election win".

Macron won the presidential election on a pro-EU platform and arrived at his victory speech in the courtyard of Paris' Louvre museum as the bloc's anthem "Ode to Joy" played out.

It was the first time Hollande and Macron appeared together in public since August 2016.

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An opinion poll last week predicted however that his party is set to emerge as the largest in the parliamentary elections.

At the global level, conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and South Sudan, marked by deliberate attacks on civilians and serious violations of worldwide humanitarian law, should be at the top of the new president's diplomatic agenda.

At the European level, in the context of Brexit and the rise of radical right populism, France should play a leading role in ensuring that the European Union's founding values of "respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law" are a priority of EU policy and hold member governments to account when they flout those values. Moreover, both favour French withdrawal from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and warmer ties with Russian Federation.

Ms Le Pen's projected 35% score was lower than her polling numbers earlier in the campaign, and dashed her hopes that the populist wave which swept Donald Trump into the White House would also carry her to France's presidential Elysee Palace.

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Putin to France's Macron: Let's 'overcome mutual mistrust'