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Trump congratulates Macron in post-election call: White House

20 May 2017

"I look very much forward to working with him", Trump tweeted.

Despite losing to Mr Macron - securing just around 33.9 per cent of the vote compared with his 66.1 per cent - Ms Le Pen did almost twice as well as her father did when he reached the second round of the election in 2002, though she fell short of the 40 per cent party officials had said would be a success. Macron is already looking the part. Macron joined President Francois Hollande in a commemoration of the formal German defeat in World War II.

He walked alongside the outgoing President, François Hollande, as the two laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Russian Federation is also accused of launching hacking attacks on Macron's campaign in an effort to support Le Pen's candidacy.

Yet to move into the presidential Elysee Palace, Macron is already preparing his first days in power.

Macron's optimistically named "En Marche!".

Ferrand says the party plans to compete in all 577 parliamentary seats and says that 50% of its candidates will be women. That means many of them may be burdened by the handicap of being largely unknown to voters in constituencies they compete for.

Le Pen, 48, had portrayed the ballot as a contest between Macron and the "globalists" - in favour of open trade, immigration and shared sovereignty - and her "patriotic" vision of strong borders and national identities.

Experts question North Korea role in WannaCry cyberattack
Kalember said he believes the similarities in the European case, WannaCry and the miner were "more than coincidence". The 2014 Sony hack was also pinned on the hacker collective. "We remain highly vigilant", he said.

Prior to the election in France, Putin invited Macron's rival Le Pen to Moscow.

Both the Republicans and National Front would have about 22%, the far-left France Unbowed 13%-15% and the Socialists, still smarting from François Hollande's unpopularity, 9%.

Prime Minister Theresa May also discussed Brexit with Macron, saying "the United Kingdom wants a strong partnership with a secure and prosperous European Union once we leave", the spokesman added.

And if one party manages to steal a march on En Marche and seize a legislative majority, Macron will have to put up with whatever prime minister and legislation that party wants to pass - or risk losing his job to a no-confidence vote. Macron can't count on their loyalty.

On Monday, several thousand people led by the powerful CGT labor federation marched in protest against Macron's planned liberalization of labor laws.

In the Paris metro, a defaced advertisement captured the mood.

Tuesday 9 May: Mr Macron will mark the EU's Europe Day, the annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe.

About 37000 AT&T workers go on three-day strike
The strike is expected to end Sunday evening, with workers returning to the job Monday. In Boardman, about 100 workers stood in front of the call center on South Avenue.

Electoral maps of the country that chart her party's progress over the past decade show more and more districts falling to the far-Right group in local, regional and presidential elections.

The party's Vice President, Florian Philippot, who is gay, said the party must now undergo major change, with a new name being inevitable.

More congratulations rolled in from world leaders.

Mr Ludovic Lassauce, 37, a candidate for 2007's parliament election in Paris and 2009's European election (Paris region), was equally apprehensive about what Macron would bring to the table.

Market reaction Monday to Macron's victory was subdued: investors were expecting it and seem wary of the difficulties he faces.

In midday trading, the CAC 40 index of leading French shares was down 1 percent at 5,379.

Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) closed its previous trading session at $1.76
Its primary product line is GenDrive, which is a hydrogen fueled PEM fuel cell system that provides power to industrial vehicles. The stock is now trading -28.15% away from the 52-week high and separated 133.73% from the 52-week low.

Trump congratulates Macron in post-election call: White House