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Apollo 11 relic owned by Illinois woman to be auctioned off

23 May 2017

It's an extreme price befitting the extreme story behind the bag, which Neil Armstrong used to store lunar rocks collected from the moon after the Apollo 11 landing.

The bag has huge historical significance as it was used to collect and protect the first-ever samples of lunar material collected by an astronaut off the surface of the moon. Turns out NASA forgot about the bag over time and accidentally auctioned it off with other space related objects for a little less than a thousand dollars.

It was one of the biggest moments in history; the Apollo 11 mission of 1969 brought man to the moon.

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Souvenirs from humankind's missions to the Moon are extremely rare; NASA usually holds on to moon rocks or moon dust instead of allowing private owners to keep them.

The owner's $995 moon bag is expected to fetch between $2.4 million!

The Chicago Tribune reports Nancy Lee Carlson of suburban Chicago bought the moon dust for $995 at a 2015 government auction.

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The bag's new owner sent it to NASA where they found it came from the Apollo 11 mission and used by Neil Armstrong himself!

"It is one thing to read about going to the moon; it is quite another to hold in one's hands an object that was actually there and still carries traces of that faraway place", said Sotheby's vice president Cassabda Hatton.

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