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British PM May's election lead halves after 'dementia tax': surveys

23 May 2017

May said she has simply clarified that there will be an upper limited people will have to pay on social care and that she has not changed the principles behind what she is proposing.

Pressure has mounted on the Conservatives following their manifesto being published on Thursday (May 18), with weekend polls showing their considerable lead over Labour narrowing.

"If far more people are going to face deferred charges in future because of the inclusion of the value of family homes in the means-test for social care, the government will need to investigate very quickly why the present system is not working properly", Webb added. "As the prime minister said, there will be a consultation on getting it right".

Jeremy Corbyn has described the IRA as terrorists, condemned their acts of murder unconditionally and said they and the British army were not equivalent participants in the Northern Ireland conflict.

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Tory candidates have expressed dismay at the party's handling of social care policy, with one telling the Yorkshire Post that it has "single-handedly resuscitated the Labour campaign".

Labour MP Angela Eagle tweeted: "If that's "strong and stable leadership in the national interest" then I'm a banana".

The widely criticised Conservative manifesto promise to shake up the funding of old age care has been widely panned as strongly disadvantaging middle-class families and elderly people suffering from long-term degenerative illness, like dementia. May's decision to shift course might reduce the damage from the policy itself, but it risks undermining her central election message, that she's a "strong and stable" leader who is a tough negotiator.

The Prime Minister, who suffered a bruising day after accepting that there would be a cap on care costs just days after the Tory manifesto rejected an overall limit, tried to shift attention back on to the looming Brexit talks - warning of "dire consequences" if there was a bad deal. "You can't trust the Tories - if this is how they handle their own manifesto, how will they cope with the Brexit negotiations?" said Andrew Gwynne, Labour's election coordinator.

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During a visit to Wrexham, Ms May appeared to take offence and accused Mr Corbyn of resorting to "fake claims, fear and scaremongering".

She said: "Only the SNP has a clear plan to boost Scottish jobs, support our businesses, and make work fair for all - and only the SNP can be trusted to stand up for Scotland's interests". This manifesto says that we will come forward with a consultation paper, a government green paper.

Conservatives have been under fire for their proposal to reduce state support for elderly voters in need of social care, for example in a nursing home.

"So let me reiterate". That raised concerns some might see their houses sold off after their deaths to pay for the care they received rather than passed on to their descendants.

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"That's why we want to introduce an absolute limit on the amount of money anyone has to pay for their care". "That money will go into health and social care".

British PM May's election lead halves after 'dementia tax': surveys