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Huge Android O screenshot gallery walks you through all the changes

24 May 2017

Google has partnered with First Data-owned Clover to integrate smart tap into Clover's developer APIs, too.

Artificial intelligence is all the rage at the moment.

To find out more of what went down, check out the official Google I/O even blog.

Trump's food stamp cuts face hard sell in Congress
The Trump administration budget proposes nationwide cuts to SNAP that could amount to over $200 million over the next ten years. The Trump budget has so far received pushback from some Republicans and most Democrats.

Google Assistant to become the universal assistant: Google is now keen to rope in third-party developers to integrate its Google Assistant into nearly anything that is technically feasible. If you want to post to Facebook, for example, you won't need to open the app - the assistant will give you a window to do it; if you're trying to figure out if the restaurant in front of you is worth entering, you won't need to google it or bring up the Yelp app, just train the camera on the sign and the assistant will give you all the relevant information. Its wider range stems, in part, from its head start on Google's Home device, which just came out in November.

It also is launching an attempt to make its voice-controlled digital assistant more proactive and visual while expanding its audience to Apple's iPhone, where it will try to outwit an older peer, Siri. Users of the iPhone that had so far been limited to using only Siri will have another excellent option of a personal digital assistant as well. The Assistant on iOS will be made available from version 9.1 and above. So there will be no "OK Google" to invoke the assistant. Any Android developer can now make their app Instant, such that the app can be launched in response to tapping a URL. And here is the area where I really hope Microsoft is paying attention: Starting this summer, Assistant will roll out in French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese on Android and iPhone. That means we'll be able to train the phone's camera on a flower or a building, and it'll tell us what it is, or translate text from a foreign language without a special app. So, you can say "Ok Google, send $20 to Paul for gin" and it'll process the direct transaction, billing it to your debit card. The even more interesting addition to its capabilities includes its new found ability to stream music over Bluetooth.

YouTube Super Chat: You now have the option to have your comment stand out from the virtually endless stream of comments that a YouTube live stream might generate. This way, you have a sure-fire method of getting the creator's attention.

Spurs' Leonard doesn't practice, questionable
They forced 19 turnovers in each game and hit 18 threes in the second. A win secures their third straight championship appearance. Because we all know what he gives us on the court.

- Google said it is cutting the cord on virtual reality headsets with Daydream, which will not require connection to a computer or smartphone.

The Google Assistant debuted previous year on the company's own hardware, and Google has gradually extended the tool to devices from other manufacturers running on its Android operating system.

Manchester explosion: Ariana Grande's mother reportedly helps fans to safety
The bombing took place at the end of the concert, when the audience was streaming toward the city's main train station. Queen Elizabeth held a minute's silence at a garden party at Buckingham Palace in London .