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Instagram is copying yet another feature that Snapchat pioneered — Surprise

24 May 2017

Perhaps by coincidence, both Instagram and Snapchat have announced new features related to Stories today.

Snapchat just announced a new feature, and it tapped three of the most lovely women in the world to spread the word.

This feature also allows you to put a geofence around your Story, which means friends (and friends of friends, if you want to let them), in the same area can contribute - ideal for parties. This is flawless if you're one to stalk people on Instagram, scrolling through an endless feed of stories. Users can now see what's happening around them as well as find stories that interest them.

Manchester Bombing Kills 22 As ISIS Says It's 'Just the Beginning
He wouldn't go as far as calling the perpetrators "monsters", he said, because they would probably "think that's a great name". I will call them from now on 'losers.' Because that's what they are, they're losers.

Instagram will add a new encircled clock icon on the top right of user's profile that will let them view archived posts. If you want to use a location or hashtag sticker but don't want your story to appear on Explore, tap the X on your stories viewer list. However, users still have the option to use location or hashtag stickers without appearing in a larger story. It's definitely a neat addition if you're looking for photos or videos based on a specific location.

A story will then disappear if no one has added to it within 24 hours. Don't fret: Here's how to add your Instagram Story to your location.

Facebook also introduced an nearly identical Stories feature on its flagship platform in late March, and also now offers similar features on Messenger and WhatsApp.

Icy reception to Trump budget from fellow Republicans
The current plan would steadily increase cuts to the Bureau over several years, with over $700 million in cuts expected by 2021. If you're on disability insurance and you're not supposed to be - if you're not truly disabled, we need you to go back to work.

Right now, Snapchat users can only post to their own Stories with no way of sorting them, and clips are arranged chronologically.

Two weeks back, Snapchat launched a slew of tools that included Magic Eraser and Limitless Snaps. So if I was chilling in my apartment on a Saturday morning in Brooklyn trying to decide whether or not I should take a spontaneous trip into Manhattan, I can look at the NYC Explore story and see what's going on. Instagram says you can use it to "drop a microphone and watch it fly up into your hand", or to "capture a fountain in motion and share a rewind of the water floating back up".

British police name Manchester attacker as Salman Abedi
There was mass panic after the explosion at the end of the concert Monday, which was part of Grande's The Dangerous Woman Tour . The organisers explain: "At least 22 people have been killed and 59 injured after a terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena".

Instagram is copying yet another feature that Snapchat pioneered — Surprise