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Trump says he 'never mentioned Israel' during intel leak to Russians

24 May 2017

Promising to help broker peace in the Middle East, Trump ignores that the ongoing USA military-related aid to Israel only encourages the country to wage war.

Ben Gurion International Airport, where Trump landed, is sometimes called Tel Aviv, though it is about 15 miles away from the city. The display wasn't entirely spontaneous: Israeli media reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made attendance mandatory for all government ministers.

You'll recall that Greenblatt didn't know he was leaving that very, very, very substantial job until Trump just started publicly referring to him as his top Israel adviser in April, which surprised Greenblatt as much as anyone.

The letter noted that "Jerusalem is to Israel and the Jewish people as Mecca is to Saudi Arabia and Muslims", and that each major religion has a capital that is "central to their idenitity".

"You have another story wrong", he said.

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The California Nurses Association , which is the driving force behind the bill, has commissioned a study to look at options. The list of states that have tried to go single-payer is still a small sample size, but a fairly wide ranging one.

Meanwhile, official IRNA news agency said the foreign ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi, strongly condemned the promotion of Iran-phobia by the U.S. "Washington stops policies such warmongering, interventions, Iran-phobia and selling unsafe and useless weapons to main terrorists supporters".

"Throughout my lifetime, I've always heard the toughest deal to make is the deal between Israelis and Palestinians", Trump said during a May 3 press conference at the White House alongside Abbas. "The peace we seek is a genuine and durable one, in which the Israeli state is recognized, security remains in Israel's hands and the conflict ends once and for all".

Barack Obama visited the wall in 2008, but as a candidate during the presidential campaign. But it was another stark reminder for the president that his troubles at home, including the investigation of his ties to Russian Federation and his firing of FBI Director James Comey, have followed him across the ocean on his multi-nation journey.

Tillerson said he doesn't expect Trump to bring up the incident. They were all saying I did.

He said he reached "historic agreements in fight against terror with leaders of the Arab world".

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They had lost 3 times to Pune in this tournament but in the finals they managed to outperform them with a last ball victory. I prepared well before the tournament and the results came. "It (captaincy) does help me a lot".

He was not accompanied by any Israeli leaders during the hugely symbolic visit. "I think that creates a different dynamic".

"There is a growing realization among your Arab neighbours that they have common cause with you in the threat posed by Iran", he said, at a welcome meeting with President Rueven Rivlin.

While Mr Trump has said previously that finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is "maybe not as hard as people have thought", few expect a breakthrough with this visit.

The traditional USA position has been that Jerusalem's status must be negotiated between the two sides.

With Branstad resigning, top aide leaving state government
Governor, Kim Reynolds has been a steadfast advocate for renewable fuels", said Monte Shaw, executive director of the IRFA. Professor Dong says the top priority will be getting the US and China on the same page when dealing with North Korea.