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Trump goes on another Twitter rant, calls leaks 'fabricated lies'

29 May 2017

Since he came into office in January, Trump has repeatedly expressed frustration at press leaks coming from the White House or the United States intelligence agencies, and in February he said that he had ordered an investigation of those "criminal" acts and that those responsible for the leaks would pay a big "price".

"The era in which we could rely completely on others is gone, at least partially", Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, said during a campaign speech in Munich.

For his final tweet of Sunday morning, it was back to Montana and the specific sins of the news media.

"It is my opinion that numerous leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies, " he wrote.

The ever-elusive Jared Kushner was back in the news Sunday after reports emerged that he had attempted to establish a secret communication channel with Russian Federation back in December.

Mr Trump immediately sought to dismiss recent news reports as "fake news".

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But CNN's Jeff Zeleny, fresh back from covering the trip, said Kushner was aware of a coming Washington Post report detailing his role in the Russian Federation election meddling investigation and decided it was best not to be at the President's side on the world stage when that news broke.

"Any way that you can communicate with people, particularly organizations that are maybe not particularly friendly to us, is a good thing and, again, it comes back to whatever the communication is, comes back into the government and shared across the government so it s not a bad thing to have multiple communication lines to any government", he said.

Kelly did not address the question of using Russian communications channels from a Russian diplomatic outpost to shield those discussions. Kushner spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about facilitating sensitive discussions to explore the incoming administration's options with Russia as it developed its Syria policy. "His No. 1 interest, really, is the nation", Kelly said.

Democrats, not surprisingly, had a less forgiving view. While the President was overseas, there were reports that Mr. Trump was ready to make major changes in how the communications team deals with the press.

Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats on Sunday demanded to hear directly from Kushner over the allegations he suggested back-channel Russian Federation contacts, saying his security clearance may need to be revoked.

'That, to me, is a stunning story, ' Graham said on Sunday. Representative Adam Schiff said in an interview with ABC News.

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Several Democrats, including Senator Richard Durbin and Senator Cory Booker, said the reported Kushner meeting needs additional probing. "And the other pattern we have is just a continuous drumbeat of inappropriate contacts with the Russians".

Kushner in March said he was ready to testify about his Russian Federation meetings to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Though he had not seen evidence of collusion when he stepped down on 20 January, Clapper said all the signs made an FBI investigation not only appropriate but necessary.

The administration had hoped Trump s nine-day turn in the global spotlight would offer a respite from relentless coverage of an ever-widening probe into Russian meddling in previous year s election and possible collusion by the Trump campaign - with its endless barrage of newspaper scoops and explosive revelations.

Russia, a pivotal player in Syria, has backed Syrian President Bashar Assad, often at the expense of civilians and at odds with US policy during Syria's long civil war.

Mr Kushner's entanglement in the Russian scandal would take the investigation into the inner sanctum of the White House. "But we have to realize that we Europeans are going to have to fight on our own behalf". Kislyak also attended a Trump campaign speech in Washington in April 2016 that Kushner attended. "Let their name be put out", Trump said then. "It's a situation where there are six countries lined up against one".

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Trump goes on another Twitter rant, calls leaks 'fabricated lies'