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Gov. Brown looks to China for climate bond

01 June 2017

"President Trump has made his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the decision". The New York Times observed on Wednesday that "Mr. Trump appears to have decided that a continued United States presence in the accord would harm the economy; hinder job creation in regions like Appalachia and the West, where his most ardent supporters live; and undermine his "America First" message".

Abandoning the pact would isolate the USA from a raft of worldwide allies who spent years negotiating the 2015 agreement to fight global warming and pollution by reducing carbon emissions in almost 200 nations. Musk has come under fire for his proximity to the Trump administration - some people claimed they canceled their Tesla Model 3 orders because of his involvement in the councils. His withdrawal will likely be viewed by many as a serious disconnect between the president and the technology industry.

The climate agreement was even supported by many USA community business leaders, who in the past have been lukewarm to environmental regulations.

Guterres said if any country doubted the need for the 2015 Paris climate accord, then other countries must stay the course.

If Trump does decide to pull out, he has a number of options. The official, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the decision before the official announcement, said the president and his were finalizing the details of a pullout.

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Everyone cautioned that no decision was final until Trump announced it.

India and Spain on Wednesday expressed their commitment to fighting climate change and reiterated their support for implementing the Kyoto and Paris accords.

Administrator Scott Pruitt is part of a small team working on whether to go for a full and formal exit, which will take three years, or if the US should back out of the United Nations climate change treaty, which would be faster, according to Axios.

Trump is expected to announce later this week that he intends to pull out of the landmark Paris agreement.

"Will have no choice but to depart [White House] councils", Musk said on Twitter when asked what he would do if Trump withdraws from the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Other European leaders issued more explicit appeals to the US government not to abandon global measures against climate change.

Currently, the United States has committed to reducing carbon emissions between 26 and 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

Former Exxon CEO and current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson agrees, noting that withdrawing from the agreement reduces the U.S.' negotiating power in future trade and climate deals.

European leaders pushed Trump to stay in the Paris pact during his recent overseas trip, and some of his advisers prefer the US stays committed to the climate accord.

Trump has said the accord would cost the USA economy trillions of dollars without tangible benefit.

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The "stay-in" camp, which included Trump's daughter Ivanka, chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry, had argued the United States could reduce its voluntary emission cuts targets while still keeping a voice within the accord. They include climate change denying extremist Senators Jim Inhofe, John Barrasso, Roy Blunt, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz.