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May: I'm way too busy to join debate

01 June 2017

May had agreed to participate in a televised town hall interview broadcast by Channel 4 News and Sky on Monday on the condition that she will not be on stage at the same time as her rival.

The Mirror claims the real loser of Wednesday night's debate was the Prime Minister, calling her party "leaderless and heartless" after she opted not to take part and send Ms Rudd as a stand-in.

The Times reported that the prime minister will ditch the personal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, with the view that it is not going down well with voters.

"I am here to debate the future of our we want one for the many or just a few?"

Police Investigating Racial Slur Spray Painted on LeBron James' LA Home
Eisenman did not specify if security footage is being used as part of the investigation to identify any suspects for the graffiti. By the time officers arrived at the home, the racial slur was covered up by property management, police said.

The Mail headlined its coverage "Corbyn's La-la land economics", not only criticising the Labour leader but also taking aim at the BBC over the audience with sketch writer Quentin Letts saying it was "no more balanced than a gorilla on a unicycle".

Mr Farron said: "Look, I know we don't all agree on Brexit but she is off to negotiate a deal for you, for me, for all of us".

SNP Westminster leader Mr Robertson said his party would hold the Tories to account on Brexit, welfare and protecting public services, and vowed to offer "a strong voice for Scotland" in Westminster. "She won't turn up to these debates because her campaign of soundbites is falling apart", she said.

"Not so much Iron Lady as the u-turn queen" - decent line from Angus Robertson.

Germany a large investor, employer in United States economy
And yesterday, no doubt in response to Merkel's comments, Trump was once again tweeting up a storm now that he's back on USA soil. Also Monday, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel called Trump's policies "short-sighted" and bad for the European Union .

Nuttall said radical Islam was "a cancer that needed to be cut out" to prevent other attacks.

Corbyn was joined at the debate by representatives of smaller parties, including Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and U.K. Independence Party chief Paul Nuttall.

LONDON-Britain's election has gone from tiresome to dramatic, with polls showing a narrowing gap between Conservatives and Labour and one estimate suggesting no party will win a majority. Since then, the bombing that killed 22 people at a Manchester concert and some policy missteps by May's party have thrown the contest into uncertainty.

A YouGov poll shows the Tories' lead has fallen to only three points over Labour, which at 39 points is at its most popular since February 2014.

Jeremy Corbyn says Tories planning five more years of austerity
Mrs May said she was focusing on taking questions from the public, knocking on doors and listening to voters. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had said he would not participate in such debates unless May was present.

The Times said the main projection from YouGov's model "allows for a wide margin of error, [but] would be a catastrophic outcome for May, who called the election when polls pointed to a landslide result". "She might be out there sizing up your house to pay for your social care".