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Microsoft to pay users if they search with Bing

01 June 2017

The uptake for Microsoft's long-suffering search engine, Bing, continues to be so dismal that Redmond has resorted to paying people to use it. "Points can be exchanged for a number of great things, including movie downloads, PC accessories and money off promotions", Microsoft explains, failing to mention that it will actively monitor your browsing habits.

Among the rewards available for users are gift cards, Xbox games, Skype credit, entries into giveaway competitions and even discounts on hardware purchased from Microsoft. If you manage to hit 500 points in a month, there's a second level with better rewards and the ability to earn a maximum of 150 points a day.

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The rewards scheme will also be launched in France, Germany and Canada soon, the company said. The Microsoft rewards program works on a simple mechanism; the more searches you do via Bing, the more points you will collect. People with a Microsoft account can sign-up for the rewards scheme and when a search is made on Bing, points will be collected. This amount is doubled if the user will use the Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge isn't all that bad and it's not like you have to use it all day. We've covered Microsoft Rewards in the past in our How To: Get Xbox Live Gold for free article. At level 1 you earn 3 points per Bing search, but this maxes out at 30 points per day. And when you use Bing, you'll see your running points total at the top right of the page.

What do you think of Microsoft Rewards?

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So there's a clear incentive to make it your homepage as well as the default search engine in all the browsers you use, whether on Windows or on Android or iOS.

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Microsoft to pay users if they search with Bing