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Apple Unveils 'HomePod,' Its New Siri-Powered Home Speaker

06 June 2017

Instead of seeing Siri as the HomePod's main goal, look at it like the cherry on top of a delicious, Wi-Fi connected cake: It can clearly integrate with dozens of smart home appliances right out of the gate and answer any questions you might have, but those aren't the sorts of things that the HomePod will excel at. Additionally, Siri will be able to chime in by answering follow-up questions, and offer multiple results to queries. It all sounds very fine, and it will nearly certainly be packaged in an attractive, high-quality build that's intuitive to use. But Apple occasionally also uses the event to introduce new devices and services and upgrades to existing products. (It appears to be a touchscreen with volume controls and a Siri animation.) Will it work with other music services like Spotify? It will allow users to automatically block auto-play videos by detecting videos that shouldn't be playing when you open a webpage to read an article, for example. The pricing of Apple's device was shared at the conference in comparison to both smart home speakers as well as premium audio speakers.

That's not the only new feature in iOS 11 by any means, but it's probably the most significant one in terms of Apple's future in alternate reality. The success of the Amazon Echo, released in the United States in 2014, paved the way for Google to follow with its own sleek Google Home device previous year.

While Amazon Echo and Google Home began stealing some market share from Sonos, Sonos prided itself on the excellent audio engineering that went into its speakers.

Where Apple hopes to stand out in its late entry to the smart speaker market, however, is by putting extra emphasis on the speaker part of the equation.

London attackers named; 1 probed before
A minute's silence was observed in Britain at 11 a.m. local time (1000 GMT) in memory of those killed during the attack . May said on Monday that Khan is "doing a good job" and it was "wrong" for people, including Trump, to say otherwise.

Virtual reality has been described as the next big thing for decades.

Although Siri would likely be a centerpiece of a smart speaker from Apple, Moorhead said the device's design, colors and acoustics will also likely be focal points because the company has a long history of making elegantly designed products. These devices will only keep the most recent messages in local storage.

And Apple will have a new "do not disturb" mode for driving. Apple also laid some groundwork for augmented reality, the projection of digital features onto real-world surroundings, by giving app developers tools for incorporating AR into their products.

Apple also may introduce its next Mac computer, along with the next operating system powering the machine.

Saudi and UAE banks suspend business with Qatari banks amid diplomatic crisis
Qatar, now embroiled in a diplomatic crisis with other Arab nations, is a small country with a history of turmoil and coups. Saudi Arabia's central bank advised banks in the kingdom not to trade with Qatari banks in Qatari riyals, sources said.

MacOS High Sierra features a shift from HFS to the Apple File System, which is supposed to be faster, more secure and more reliable. The company also launched a new configuration of the 13-inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar that starts at a cheaper $1,299. New iMacs released Monday are getting better displays and graphics capabilities. Using a new technology called High Efficienct Image File Format (HEIF) that works in a similar way to HEVC for video, it reduces the file size of every photo you take by up to 50%.

The free software, iOS 11, is expected in September, when Apple typically releases new iPhones.

The newly updated MacBook laptops are now available.

Tues. 10:45 am: GM shareholders reject stock split
GM ended last month with a 101-day supply of cars and trucks when automakers consider a 60-day supply to be optimal. GM, the biggest U.S. carmaker, saw its sales fall 1.3 percent last month compared to the same month of 2016.