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Evergreen State College cancels classes in response to new threat

06 June 2017

Now the white biology professor might be driven off campus under Evergreen State College's own disciplinary process.

Some students called for Weinstein to resign.

On May 23, Mr. Weinstein's class was interrupted by more than 50 students who took issue with an email he wrote explaining his refusal refusing to participate in the "Day of Absence", in which white students, faculty and staff were asked to leave campus for a day. This leaves only one question: How are there any leftists left?

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". If the status quo at the Evergreen State College is institutional racism, and the police are here the protect the institution that shelters that form of institutional violence, they are a white supremacist threat".

In response to the student protests, Washington state lawmakers have proposed legislation to revoke Evergreen's $24 million in annual public funding. "When you barricade doors and windows so the staff can't leave", he said, "that's not usually a good sign". "Just making sure there's no violence and no damage, those are things you hope for - and that nobody gets hurt".

"I'm really frustrated", said student Sam Naujokas.

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Overall, he said there has been "a breakdown of civility, a breakdown of willingness to communicate and find common ground".

In the first instance, the threat was made to Thurston County law enforcement, The Olympian reported. The caller claimed to be armed and headed toward Evergreen's campus in Olympia.

"They determined that no one was actively posing a threat", the school said.

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"Even though we had planned to be back in class on Monday, it's important to give law enforcement an opportunity to evaluate their new information", said Sandra Kaiser, vice president for college relations at Evergreen, in a press release provided by the school Sunday.

Evergreen State College cancels classes in response to new threat