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Apple unveils Indian prices of new iPads and Macs

10 June 2017

Apple Pencil has received a major update as now it supports inline drawing for iPad. The drag and drop functionality is particularly going to be useful in the Files app as file management requires you to transfer items from one location to the other. It is one of the largest events the technology company has and it has always been a place where Apple launches products or all-new features.

HomePod, Apple's new digital speaker, is tied into Apple Music and features seven beam-forming tweeters which the manufacturer said would deliver high quality music with directional control.

Apple has given Siri new male and female voices, described as more natural and expressive, and added abilities such as translating English phrases into Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

The update to iOS 10.3 included a tool to detect apps that can not run in 64-bit mode. Screenshooting has been available on iOS since day one - indeed, the way a niche developer tool became one of the most important OS features in the social media age is a tale in itself - but now you'll be able to do the same thing with video. That money can immediately be used in retail stores that take Apple Pay or can be moved to a bank account.

Rex Tillerson urges easing of blockade against Qatar
The latter hosts the largest USA military base in the Middle East , which is involved in anti-IS operations. President Trump recently returned from a visit to Saudi Arabia where he hoped to strengthen the U.S.

The App store is getting a brand new design.

Similarly, old photo messages will now be stored in the cloud, thus freeing up more native storage in your device.

Users will also be able to use 3D touch on a widget to get more features. Meantime, while the newly-announced $349 Siri-controlled HomePod speaker isn't coming until December, the new AirPlay 2 feature in iOS 11, will let you control Apple TV and third party speakers in multiple rooms around the house, using Control Center, the Home app or Siri.

Twitter user Devon T has revealed that iOS 11 has a new volume indicator that no longer obstructs the centre of the screen, as it does now. The app also gets real-time lane guidance. Meanwhile, a new lock screen also brings notifications into a unified view. Do you want Apple to keep the feature or make it exclusive for the iPad? It even works with third-party apps like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Council may revise some GST rates in June 11 meeting
GST rates for hybrid vehicles will attract the highest tax rate of 28% plus an additional 15% cess. The GST Council has set up 18 sectoral working groups for smooth transition to GST from July 1.

Developers have also kept in mind drivers who rely on their iPhones to get them from A to B so have added a special mode to apps such as Maps. You can also set up reminders, or ask more complex queries like what other albums were released the same year when the present album was launched.

Unveiled Monday at WWDC, iOS 11 will be the "biggest software release ever" for iPad users, Apple said.

Users can now find out what their friends are listening to from within the Music app.

Trump offers 'warm support' to Theresa May after UK election setback
Voters dealt her a stinging rebuke and left her short of the 326 seats needed to win a majority in Britain's 650-seat Parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May appears to have lost her gamble in calling a "snap" election to strengthen her grip on power.

Apple unveils Indian prices of new iPads and Macs