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Michelle Carter text message

10 June 2017

Michelle Carter told her high school boyfriend to get back in a truck filling with deadly carbon monoxide fumes, according to a text message presented as evidence for the prosecution today in her manslaughter trial.

Carter and Roy met in 2012 and lived about 30 miles away from each other in MA.

On Wednesday, Boardman and other classmates testified about exchanging texts with Carter about the defendant's struggles with an apparent eating disorder, about her loneliness and feelings of worthlessness over not having friends, and about her "cutting" herself at times.

The indictment says: "Her counsel took the form of positive direction, where she told him that he was "strong" enough to execute the suicide plan, and that he would be happy once he was dead - with Carter saying via text message: "Straight to heaven, guided by God".

Carter, who never called authorities or Roy's parents as he died, wanted the sympathy and attention that came with being the "grieving girlfriend", Flynn said.

Carter, Flynn said, helped Roy plan his death and keep it secret, encouraged him to follow through with it and then badgered him when he had second thoughts.

The trial of a teen girl accused of involuntary manslaughter, for allegedly encouraging her boyfriend to attempt suicide, is set to begin Tuesday.

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But as police investigated, they found hundreds of text messages between Carter and Roy.

The northeastern state of MA, unlike other U.S. states, has no law against encouraging someone to commit suicide.

However, her defence persisted that it Roy's death was a case of tragic suicide instead of homicide.

Roy killed himself on July 12, 2014 when he was forced to do so by Carter. The defense says for years Carter tried to get him help and claims her words that day did not influence Roy's determination.

Boardman testified she would receive lengthy text messages from Carter until she responded, including ones where she said no one would hang out with her.

Now, almost three years later, Carter is on trial in a controversial case that experts say raises new and contentious questions: Can a person be charged and convicted in someone's death even if she was not with the victim when he died?

Prosecutors tried to prove that Carter was an accessory to Roy's death, aiding and abetting him in taking his own life. If convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. She also received text messages from Carter offering support after her brother's death but no indication they had been in contact.

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The prosecution says Carter helped Roy devise the plan to use carbon monoxide poisoning, encouraged him to hide it from his parents, lie to his mother and select a secluded parking lot. "You just need to do it" she wrote in another text in reply to Roy's hesitation.

"Conrad Roy even acknowledged that Michelle Carter doesn't have influence over him", he said.

Mosolgo testified that Carter had an eating disorder, which she said eventually affected her ability to play the sport. In one text message, Carter allegedly counseled Roy on exactly how to commit suicide using carbon monoxide.

"I could have stopped him but I told him to get back in the auto", prosecutors said Carter said in one text message to Boardman.

The 20-year-old Carter on Monday waived her right to a jury trial, meaning a judge will hear the testimony and issue the verdict.

On the day of his death, Mr Roy went to the seaside in Westport, Massachusetts, with his mother and sisters, according to prosecutors.

Judge Lawrence Moniz will now decide her guilt or innocence after analyzing the evidence - which exclusively comprise of dozens upon dozens of messages the two shared, where she allegedly mocked him when he tried to back out of killing himself.

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