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Snap polls fallout: Theresa May's closest advisers resign

10 June 2017

May had called for the early election in April in an attempt to strengthen her position as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.

The Conservative Party failed to reach the halfway mark of 326 seats to form government in Britain after snap general election were held on Thursday and will now need support from other parties to reach the halfway mark of 326 in the 650-seat House of Commons.

He said he regretted introducing the controversial changes to social care without including "a ceiling as well as a floor" but denied the dementia tax was a "personal pet project". Chief Whip Gavin Williamson is in Belfast to begin formal talks on a deal.

"Clearly, the general election result was a huge disappointment", Timothy wrote Saturday.

"The reason for the disappointing result was not the absence of support for Theresa May and the Conservatives but an unexpected surge in support for Labour", Timothy said in an article published on the ConservativeHome blog. More chaos in the Tory Party, more weak & unstable govt.

Trump rages against ex-FBI chief James Comey, calls him a 'leaker'
On Friday, Trump strongly suggested Comey had lied about their encounters and accused him of being a "leaker". Mueller is exploring possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the USA election.

"I told her that there were a number of things that count to me more than the party", she told the BBC.

"I want to place on record my sorrow for the Conservative Members of Parliament who lost their seats, several of whom are close friends".

The PM had been warned she faced a leadership challenge on Monday unless she sacked the pair.

It will be interesting listening to her trying to persuade the public that it was all the fault of Fiona and Nick that she behaved so obnoxiously during her campaign - she bears no responsibility for it at all!

He said the party's commanding lead in the polls of 20 percentage points dramatically narrowed after the launch of the Conservatives' manifesto, which he said was "mean-spirited" in its call for a cut funding for children's school lunches and to charge the elderly more for their own care.

British pound dives as United Kingdom enters new period of political uncertainty
The Days of May in 1832 ended with a revived, confident political system which gave people a better deal than they had had before. A surge in turnout among 18-24 year-olds, with 66.4% coming out to vote , up 6.4% on 2015, undoubtedly boosted Labour's result.

There were also misgivings about relying on the DUP, which strongly opposes same-sex marriage and abortion.

The Prime Minister's former communications chief Katie Perrior, who left Downing Street when the election was called, hit out at the two aides' "rude, abusive, childish behaviour".

Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom where same-sex marriage is not legal.

That decision too, which has not yet been formalized, has triggered criticism in the media and amongst members of May's party, who have described the DUP as anti-abortionist and regressive on LGBTI rights. And yet government insiders said the two presided over a "toxic and bullying" environment at Downing Street.

May failed to get the mandate she sought
The real negotiations - which are supposed to take two years, but are likely to take much longer - haven't even started. Despite desperately trying to leverage nationalist support in the wake of recent terror attacks, the U.K.