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Vindicates self, proclaims 'Comey is a leaker — Trump Friday Twitter

10 June 2017

Up until now we've only had media leaks to go on, plus rebuttals from the White House.

"He probably wasn't steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between (Department of Justice), FBI and White Houses".

But Trump early Friday claimed "total and complete vindication" after Comey confirmed that the president was not personally under investigation, easing months of speculation.

Comey said Trump urged him to end the FBI's investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

While Comey said Trump had lied about him, Trump didn't use that exact terminology in return on Friday.

He also admitted that he had leaked to the press memos describing his talks with Trump, saying he hoped the stories would spur the appointment of a special counsel to take over the investigation of the Trump campaign's contacts with Russian Federation.

A person close to Trump's legal team has said a complaint would be filed with the Justice Department.

Comey's wariness of trusting the president became something of a theme.

It's unclear if Trump's outside attorney, Marc Kasowitz, will file the complaints according to CNN.

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"I think Bob Mueller will be able to answer that question (whether there is obstruction of justice), and I trust him to answer it accurately".

The message was the Trump's first since Wednesday - a day before Comey's testimony before the Senate intelligence committee that riveted the nation. Comey told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had hoped to prod the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to oversee the Russian Federation investigation, which occurred last month.

Detailing one-on-one talks with a sitting president - which under normal circumstances are private - Comey said he took painstaking notes for fear Trump might "lie" about the unusual encounters.

In her words - "More sleep might be a solution for him".

Comey testified before that committee on Thursday, and Sen.

Meanwhile, Republican senator Susan Collins said the attorney general will soon have a chance to explain himself.

Provided in summary in his written testimony to the Senate intelligence committee, they were written just after his conversations with Mr. Trump, when his memory was fresh and his ability to recall details at its sharpest.

Comey also said he'd taken careful notes of his meetings because he anxious the president might misrepresent them.

Mr Comey said he'd asked Mr Richman to share the content of the memo with a reporter.

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The White House's plans for the week remain largely unclear; Trump scrapped a planned trip to Iowa for a rally. He was interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in January about his contacts with Kislyak.

Comey, who testified before a Senate committee on Thursday, asserted that President Donald Trump had fired him to interfere with an investigation of Russia's ties to the Trump campaign and reaffirmed the intelligence community's conclusion that Russian Federation meddled in the election.

"Comey put his credibility on the line today and he did it in a very public way", he said.

He referenced "false statements and lies", appearing to accuse Comey of lying under oath.

Trump has scheduled a joint news conference for Friday afternoon with visiting Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

Trump had stayed unusually quiet on Thursday, refraining from weighing in on the testimony gripping the country both on Twitter and at several public appearances.

Former FBI Director James Comey has laid bare months of White House distrust in highly anticipated testimony before Congress.

He further denied ever asking Comey for his "loyalty", contradicting Comey's detailed allegations in his sworn testimony.

Trump's behavior in pushing for an end to the Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry of fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, as outlined by the ex-FBI chief, might constitute obstruction of justice. He has represented multiple government leakers, including Linda Tripp, who was sacked from her government job after secretly recording and then publicizing tapes of Monica Lewinsky talking about her affair with then-President Bill Clinton.

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Vindicates self, proclaims 'Comey is a leaker — Trump Friday Twitter