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Google Play's new Android Excellence collections highlight the very best in apps

16 June 2017

There are a million of apps that are out there at the Google Play Store so you will probably need all the help that you can get when you're looking for the best one to install in your Android devices.

Android Excellence is also likely a way for Google to more fluidly direct Android users towards safe, and fully approved apps and games.

Google has launched a new category within its longstanding Editor's Choice section of the Play Store: Android Excellence.

David Bowie's favourite London studio lands heritage plaque
The studio where David Bowie recorded some of his best-known albums is getting a blue plaque. "I'm sure he'd be very chuffed". The Who's John Entwistle and Led Zeppelin's John Bonham were some of the late stars being honoured.

The apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. For developers, it's a form of recognizing their work.

While Google's Android Excellence program is more extensive, the lists will only be updated quarterly, a move that might not serve users as much as it does developers (who can reap exposure for months). Below, their first round of selects. These collections are the best place to find apps that offer quality services and content, complete with favorable ratings and comments. Google said all of the apps that are recognized are highlighting all of the fantastic functions and features available on Android devices. The Gmail app accepted the payment feature that facilitates you.

From the settings list of the email app, the smart reply feature on Gmail that can be turned off.

Trump has no intention to fire Mueller
President Donald Trump may consider firing Robert Mueller , the special counsel overseeing the Russian Federation investigation. But after the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey last week, Gingrich said he'd changed his mind.

More than 70 percent of smartphone apps are reporting personal data to third-party companies like Google and Facebook, a new study has warned. For app developers, this could lead to more people downloading the app over a longer period of time as opposed to just a few weeks of highs. Instead of introducing everything at one go, Mountain View might simply deliver changes in smaller segments which could add up to a big redesign of Google Play by the end of the year.

Not surprisingly, there's a lot of overlap between the recent Play Award nominees and winners and the new Android Excellence collections.

Health care reform is looming!
The House gave the Senate some extra savings, in theory, to use for this by lowering the threshold for deducting medical expenses. But it has become progressively - and distressingly - more acceptable to set transparency aside in lawmaking over the years.

Google Play's new Android Excellence collections highlight the very best in apps