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Here are the Southern Californians playing in the charity congressional baseball game

16 June 2017

"He's in some trouble".

"We started giving him the liquids, I put pressure on his wound in his hip", Brooks said.

The U.S. Capitol Police said Hodgkinson used a 9 mm handgun and a 7.62-caliber rifle in the shooting, and traces run by investigators showed he evidently acquired the weapons legally.

Scalise was fielding balls at second base when he was shot, according to lawmakers present.

Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., aptly reflected that in his comments to the House afterward, urging his colleagues to remember the image of congressional Democrats praying for the wounded Republican and declaring, "An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us".

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"It's been much more hard than people even thought at the time", Trump said of the treatment of Scalise, the No. 3 GOP leader, who is in critical condition and underwent a third surgery at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Many fans, including ones who identified as Democrats, carried signs that read "Scalise Strong" or "Geaux Scalise".

Capitol Police officers in Scalise's security detail returned fire, and Hodgkinson later died from his injuries.

Despite a record of domestic violence, Hodgkinson had no felony convictions and was therefore able to legally purchase the weapons from licensed sellers - an SKS 7.62 semi-automatic rifle and a Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun, according to a statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI is processing a cell phone, a computer and a camera found in the van.

Scalise and the others had been at the GOP team's baseball practice in nearby Alexandria, Virginia, when they were shot.

"It'll sure be a different game without him there", said Representative Cedric Richmond, the starting pitcher for the Democratic team and a longtime friend of Scalise from their days as political adversaries in the Louisiana state legislature. And there was a moment of silence for the victims of Wednesday's shootings. Vice President Mike Pence earlier on Thursday said he visited MedStar Washington Hospital Center, where Scalise was being treated. The hospital did not immediately provide an update, but lawmakers were informed at a meeting Thursday morning that Scalise was in surgery. "I hope he is going to pull through this, but it's a serious injury". "Let's hope so", he said. "He's always fighting, that's why this is right up his ally".

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The Democrats beat the Republicans 11-2 in the friendly, but competitive, game. "How dare they", the minority leader said.

They went head to head at Nationals Park, all for charity.

"If we don't play this baseball game, and we go home, then they win", Texas Rep. Roger Williams said. "We need the support of the country behind it, maybe the heated rhetoric on both sides will calm down and would make me happy".

"I think it needs to happen today", Carol Boulden, of Alexandria, Va. said. He will recover from this assault - and Steve, I want you to know that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation, and frankly the entire world.

President Pence hires own lawyer for Russian Federation probes
Comey testified in a Senate hearing last week that he believed he was sacked "because of the Russian Federation investigation". During the meeting, the president brought up Flynn and told Comey "I hope you can let this go", according to the memo.

Here are the Southern Californians playing in the charity congressional baseball game