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Microsoft Surface Studio vs iMac 5K: Two EPIC Desktop PC Options

16 June 2017

Look out for one of those, shortly, by the way, because with the release date around the corner, you can bet we're hankering to find out if Windows 10 S makes the Surface Laptop shine. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, Pierce wrote that the Surface Laptop is lighter, faster and uses USB 3.0 drives that'll work with virtually all printers, cameras and external hardware. Inside I hoped it would not go as smoothly as it did, as both the Surface Pro and Hasselblad were on loan and any success would mean that I would be buying them. Moving up to $999 will get you an i5 processor, which you can bump up to 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD for $1,299. The screen is a bit small to be used as my main editing laptop, but I still find myself doing everything on my Surface Pro that I can do on my larger laptops or my desktop. But presumably that's why Microsoft has introduced the Surface Laptop.

The new Microsoft Surface Pro has an improved hinge capable of "studio" mode, which puts the screen nearly flat. If you're editing photos or wanting to get all artsy with the Surface Pen, that change should be the first thing you do. The flawless mixture of beauty and performance grabs everyone's attention without neglecting the productivity required by the users, for example battery timing, quality display, and portability. The pen experience is much more responsive and improved over past versions. The options available with Platinum would be introduced in the remaining three colors as well.

One thing that is not in the box is a pen. The Surface Pro is the category creating a Hybrid 2-in-1 tablet with detachable keyboard device (sold separately) starting from $1,199 for the Core m3.

That and a touchpad that can match wits with Apple's - and I think Microsoft's done that, here in the 2017 model. If anything changes after an extended period of time using this device, I'll be sure to let you know here with a Surface Pro "several weeks later" review. Outside of the aforementioned awkwardness of trying to retouch without a keyboard, the Surface Pro is absolutely capable of that which Microsoft promises. Surface Pro was already unveiling itself in Shanghai, a month ago.

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Microsoft pitches the Surface Pro's performance as above the Surface Laptop and below the Surface Book with Performance Base and although we have yet to benchmark the Performance Base, this sounds correct.

Given our experience with Kaby Lake chips elsewhere, I'll happily predict that even the base Pro should have more than enough oomph for 95% of users slogging their way through the routine office, web browsing, watching videos and listening to tunes. If you have the money, you can put a seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 1 TB of SSD storage, and 16 GB of RAM under the hood.

The hinge has been good on the Surface Pro products for years now, but the new Surface Pro has a redesigned hinge has gotten even better. As you'll probably want both, this adds an additional £248.

The computer in question is a little different, and not just because it has a slightly fuzzy keyboard nor because its specs are more in line with what is being offered from Microsoft's more professionally-intended Surface Pro computer. In a lap it takes up significantly more space than a similarly sized laptop would, but it's still so stable I don't really mind.

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If you are looking to buy one for yourself or for use in the workplace, you will be happy with this machine.

I've used the Surface Pro series since the third generation and there's no doubt this Surface Pro is the best one yet. For me, bringing the Hasselblad X1D had dual goal, one because I wanted a small camera that wouldn't stick out, and two, I wanted to see if the Surface Pro could handle the 50 megapixel RAW files that came from the medium format sensor. The best we could do was Undo, Zoom, adjust volume, and other very basic features. Our favourite Windows 10 convertible is the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 and this will set you back £1,299 for the equivalent specification.

Then, in what seemed to be either convenient timing or fate, not only did Microsoft release the Surface Laptop, but also called me out of the blue.

In short, Surface Pro is a great portable Windows PC for getting work done or following creative pursuits on the road or in the skies.

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Microsoft Surface Studio vs iMac 5K: Two EPIC Desktop PC Options