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The iPhone might get the iPad's best iOS 11 feature

16 June 2017

We'll show you how to go back to iOS 10.3.2.

Apple's upcoming mobile operating system takes a slew of popular features that used to be accessible only in mobile apps and bakes them directly into the iPad and iPhone, making iOS 11 the most exciting overhaul in years. ET Wealth familiarises you with some of the most interesting new features.

A beta version of iOS 11 was released to developers during WWDC, but the public will have to wait a few weeks longer to try out this initial version of the software.

As mentioned in the above statement up until now more than 500 million customers were visiting Apple store on weekly basis, and surely with this new massive update, the increase in customers is inevitable. This should do the job of installing the iOS 11 developer version.

When the iPhone was first released a decade ago, it didn't even have a copy and paste function.

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Apple iOS 11 features a new app called Files which allows you to arrange and access all the files stored on your iPad or iPhone. This will be flawless for those of you who photo edit, render 3D images or maybe just play games when you probably have something more important to do. According to reports, the new iPhone could cost more than $1000 (or approx Rs. 64,296).

The amount of apps you can launch from it has been increased to the whopping 13 and the rightmost portion of the dock remains reserved for a "recent apps" launcher. Faster redrawing results in smoother motion such as scrolling and other interactions, as well as lower latency (20ms) when using the Apple Pencil for drawing. Keep in mind that the app will only let you access user stored documents and files. Following which, users must log into the Beta Software Program, select "Enroll" on your iOS devices and follow the instructions presented to you.

On the device page in iTunes, you'll see a Backups section. Only, you'd be doing it on a tablet, the iPad.

Augmented reality will be a big part of the iPhone 8 upgrade. But it turns out that maybe, just maybe, Apple got some of these things right the first time around, and that the company didn't need to reinvent the wheel when it came to the future of computing.

Priced at $349, the HomePod is likely to take a fair bit out of your college fund so make sure to get your spending in order before you hand over your plastic for this technological delight. Live Photos bring the Loop and Bounce effects.

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App switcher is similar to what we see on Apple's MacOS.

Apple wants you to be safe behind the wheel - so it's helping you help yourself.

It also features a new password management system which remembers the passwords you use inside apps, as well as whilst surfing the web.

This course - there's also one for Android - was £200, so you stand to make a massive saving by opting in now.

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